Ron Brewer big fan of Eric Musselman hire (story)... … musselman/

That’s a great endorsement from a Hog superstar…

I remember Boothead was never a fan of Nolan. Did not want Ronnie to play for him. The word was that Ronnie would not have signed with Arkansas if Nolan was still at Arkansas.

I suspect Ron is happy that with the Anderson firing, there will not be anymore Nolan influence on Arkansas basketball.

Regardless, it is nice to see someone like Ron endorses Mussleman. Really there hasn’t been anyone that has not spoken highly of Mussleman.

I did not know this. I remember there were comments when Brewer committed to Heath (or at some point) that Nolan had never made the trip over to FHS to see Ronnie play and that Mike hadn’t done much more - not sure if that’s exactly right but it was something along those lines.

I thought this comment by RB was quite interesting:
"Playing hard all the time is about pride and when you put on that Razorback jersey and I think that was missing a bit the last couple of years.” That is a pretty damning remark that definitely jibes with what you you said.

Great article, btw.

Yes, that comment was slap in the face to Macon, Barford, Gafford, Joe, Desi and others who played their hearts out. I never thought Hogs played less than hard. Never saw them mail it in except in the last few minutes of the A&M game at BWA.

It’s clear, and has been for a long time, that Boot was no fan of Nolan or his coaching tree. No idea why. Maybe just because Nolan didn’t come to FHS enough to see Ronnie. It’s not quite to Jeff Goodman level of snark, but the senior Brewer doesn’t have Mike on his Christmas card list, that’s for sure.

On the other hand, Ronnie had a good relationship with Mike.

If, and it’s a big if, Ron Brewer didn’t want Ronnie to play for Nolan, that’s his bad. I don’t for one minute believe it’s true. I was at the Razorback lake party when Ronnie broke his arm on the slide. It caused him to shoot funny his whole career. Regardless, I remember Ron Sr. being around the team a lot in those days, and even helping with Nolan’s summer basketball camps. I have no idea what y’all think you know, but I was a manager for the '94 team. There was no animosity. At all. Ron Sr., Sidney, Marvin Delph, and many others were around often and were very proud of our success. To say anything else is just disingenuous.

Ronnie was a senior at FHS in 2003, nine years after the NC. That’s plenty of time for hard feelings to develop if Boot thought Nolan was ignoring his kid or taking him from granted.

You never know what trips the ego switch, and we all have one.

Very true

One interesting note in that article

Boot head was drafted one pick behind Larry Bird, but Bird was a draft eligible junior. He returned to Indiana State for his Senior season and of course had the epic game against Sid in the Elite Eight

Simply not accurate on the NR-RB deal.

There were plenty of times that Arkansas - as a team - did not play as hard as it could have in the last few years. RB was talking about as a team.

I read it right here.