Ron Brewer at the Boys club

I went to the Fayetteville Boys Club this Saturday afternoon to watch my grandson play basketball. I noticed one of the referees was Ron Brewer…the Ron Brewer. I thought it was nice of him to give back to the Boys Club and the boys by being an official. He looked great and in shape. Thank you Ron.


Man, what is his age? Don’t know if I could officiate a basketball game these days.

I think he is very close to my age as we were at the hill together in the 70s and I will be 67 next month!

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Id imagine that not many parents are willing to chirp at the ref when its Ron Brewer.

Btw, I just looked it up and he is 67

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6-7 is likely Ronnie Brewer, Ron’s son. Ron is about 6-4.

Think he’s referring to his age not height

He’s 67. As long as his knees aren’t beat up from all of those hard landings, he should have no trouble getting up and down the court with the youngsters. I am so grateful, that God did not give me the gift of hops. My son he said, play below the rim, and you will play for the rest of your life.

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Being a former pro and All-American, I would like to know how it calls a game. Let them play and only call the hard fouls? Or nitpick?
UA…Campus of Champions

I can’t see the Boot being a nitpicker. Little known fact. A nitpicker is what those of us in the know, call a member of the N.I.T.'s selection committee.

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Good one.

Ron was a great ref. He let them play.