Rome wasn’t built in a day

I think some people may have forgotten that although Coach Pittman was a great recruiter and an even better OL coach (maybe the best in the country) in the short while he was here, and we had very good lines and could impose our will on Texas Tech and other teams, when we played teams such as Alabama, we could not budge them an inch (no shame in that, we were hardly alone). It was not until we brought in Dan Enos that we could move the ball on teams such as Alabama. I think the lesson is not that we need a more varied attack, even Bielema realized that, and Sam did with the hiring of our current Offensive Coordinator. I think the lesson is that any offense needs a great OL, we have a good one now that Coach Pittman and his OL coaches made a lot better, but that no matter how good a coach you are, a great one takes time.

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Dispite all the new offensive schemes in the last few decades, one thing still is true.

Most games are won by the team best along the line of scrimmage.


No worries. All we gotta do is MAKE EM BIGGER!!!

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