Roll Tide !!!!!! Beat Ole Miss

Once a year, during the regular season, I cheer for Alabama…when they play the team I love to hate…those Old Mississippi Rebels. I despise Ole Miss more than ever now since we pretty well know they have been cheating to get players. The NCAA has been in Oxford almost 4 years now and has given the Rebs a Notice of Allegations, but it appears they are getting a 2nd letter from the NCAA or an amended first letter. According to Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports, the NCAA is granting immunity to players Ole Miss recruited, but did not sign, if they will tell the NCAA the dirty tricks Ole Miss has pulled. The NCAA is pulling out the big guns to nail the Rebs.

The NCAA moves about as slowly as Tommy Turtle on benadryl, so they should have already told Ole Miss they are not eligible to win the West or the SEC. If they whip Bama, they have a real good shot at the West…so I am concerned about this game. Ole Miss’s defense is not good and they have no running game except for Chad Kelly, but they seem to play Bama like we do LSU…inexplicably well. Well, I have always liked Nick Saban even though I don’t like Bama, so I hope he has his guys primed and ready to whip the Faulkner Black Bears. Go Tide!!! Beat Bucky and his boys.

I’m with you on this one. A 1-2 black bear team will fall from the polls & perhaps lose a lot of motivation. They get UGA next week. I could see them going 1-3 to start the season–meaning the world has returned to its axis & the universe is again in order.

Ditto and amen…

Saban might literally explode on the field if they lose. I don’t think we have to worry about a Saban mushroom cloud… Rebels go down.

I would just love to see Bama go into Oxford and give Ole Piss a beat down. Nothing would be better than seeing Ole Piss fans crying in the stands (young ones and old farts).

Ole Piss is the new TEXA$$ to hate. I cannot stand either team but since we do not play TEXA$$ regularly anymore Ole Piss is the team to hate. TEXA$$ will always be the most hated team.

Yes. Have hated Ole Miss since I was a small fry. First, 'cause my daddy said so. Second, because they were (are) so damned arrogant. I would like for A&M and Bama to both be undefeated when we play them. Woo Pig

I’m with the Tide on this one. I dislike ole miss and have nothing for them. They are the only SEC team I pulled against in nonconference. I have no real like for Bama, but I do respect them for what they have done and who they are. I also like Saban in a strange sort of way. He demands and mostly gets perfection. Respect for the black bears? I saw plenty of real black bear dropping in the woods while elk hunting the past few days. I have a lot more respect for that than I do for ole miss.

Can they both lose? :sunglasses:

Thank God for Mississippi!!!”

I’m not sure they would fall from the polls if it is a close game. Their other loss was to the no. 2 team in the country in a game OM played well for a half. Two competitive losses to the top 2 teams in the nation may not knock them out. A loss to Georgia, even though they are also ranked, would most definitely knock those ole bears to the sideline!

The most compelling reason to root against Ole Miss is that they attempt to recruit many of the same players as the Hogs. It is in the Hogs’ best interest for the Rebels to lose every game in football and basketball.

If Georgia doesn’t get their poop packed together after Chubb was held under a hunnert yards against Nicholls State, Kirby won’t beat anybody, much less the Black Bears!

I hope Bama humiliates the cheaters. 49-0 would put
a smile on my face.