Roll Call

Saw Jackson post attendance, so curious who we have on here. Who’ll be at the game?

I’ll be there plus, wife, mother and cousin. So our 4 seats will be full! Looking forward to it.

My 16 will be full.

Nice! You will have a good time regardless! I assume you have a box?

Share one.

Just posted this on another thread but was planning to go but plans changed at last minute so I’m without ticket and no one to go with :cry:

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a ticket, for free, and being alone just means you can float around and do what you want. That’s a great way to go to the game.

We’ll be in our regular seats, as will my son and his girlfriend.

In their regular seats, I mean …

Yep, we are going just like we have since i was a kid in 1967.

Yep… thinking that’s what I’ll do!

I’ll be there. I’m sure that I can make it there by 12:30 for the Hog Walk. Oh, and I will stay until the end of the game, no matter what.

I live in Fayetteville now, so I don’t have any real excuse not to go unless it’s the weather. So, the weather is supposed to be nice, but cool. I will go only because I love the Razorbacks. Maybe, we will have some magic tomorrow and I’m not talking about Chad disappearing.

I will be there with my 4 praying for a win!

Will be there!!!

My four tickets will be used

My two tix will be used also.

Our firm donated our tickets to Big Brothers/Big Sisters. 8 inner city kids will get to experience their first Razorback game in RRS. None of them care who the coach is, who the QB is or what RPO means. They’re just excited for the experience.

4 from Stone County Missouri.

2 from Jasper County, Missouri.

I’ll be at basketball practice, then tailgate, then 8 of us in seats for the WHOLE game