Role call: Who will be in Hoover?

if you’ve never been to the SEC Baseball Tournament, you should put that on your to-do list. It’s an awesome experience for the whole family. I’ll never wonder where my 11 year-old will be next week if he’s not with me. He’ll either be at FanFare at The Met, or in the lobby of The Winfrey looking for Hogs to sign his souvenir baseball.

Who will be there calling the Hogs with us?

I’m heading out Tuesday. I plan to stay until Saturday. I have family in Birmingham. My 12 year old neice pitches on a softball team and they will playing this week. I want to watch her play a few games as long as the times don’t interfere with the hogs games. If the times are too messed up I’ll watch the hogs on my I Pad and be at her games! She would be disappointed if I went to see the hogs and didn’t watch her play.

Where should you stay if you don’t have family in area? How hard is it to get tickets? Good places to eat?

I have to work.

Several hotels along John Hawkins Parkway in Hoover. Those are probably the most convenient ones (and usually the most booked). Can ask SEC office tomorrow if ticket books are available via will call… or walk up and buy tickets at the gate (or from other fans). Tickets are usually fairly easy to get.