Roku/Watch ESPN Question

I’m able to view games on the Watch ESPN app on my phone but when I try to watch on my TV with my Roku stick I get an error that says “this channel isn’t included in my package” or something to that effect. Any ideas?

I believe you must be a subscriber to SEC Network on your cable/satellite provider to view SEC Network (+) on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick etc

I get the SEC Network through the PS Vue.

If possible you may try logging out and then logging back in with the same credentials you use on your iPhone. Hope that helps.

Another idea would be to log-in through your Internet provider.

I know that with Uverse I never had a problem with Watch ESPN through my Xbox 1, which is the only way I have to stream it. When I moved and got Direct TV, it no longer shows the Arkansas games. It shows all others, but SE+ doesn’t have Arkansas. It has other games, but never shows the Arkansas games.

I figure it has something to do with my ISP being Century link and Direct TV as my TV provider.

On my Roku, before Directv was on board with the ESPNWatch app (and SEC+). I had to use my in-laws Cox Cable log in. But when Directv did affiliate with them, they showed up as a log in option. Perhaps the PS Vue thing is not contracted with them?

I sometimes have trouble connecting using my Amazon Firestick. I have to logout and reconnect. Sometimes that means “changing providers.” It usually means going to a specific web site. But once I go through that procedure, I am able to view events on my TV.