Rogers St highlights

IMO Pinion showed he deserves Playing time ,quick release off picks can be gotten off against anybody,works his butt off.
Great to see Black demonstrate some offense and Graham is just Sick with his spin move quickness.
Good overall win for 1st game 11 TO’s in the 1st half,trying to make the big play too much,have to VALUE every possession bc they will be crucial against great competition…


Love watching the guys on the bench cheer for the ones in the game … and Devo’s facial expression when AB dunks over the Rogers St dude is priceless :rofl:



This team is going to be fun to watch!

btw- Did the announcer seem more exaggerated than normal?

Yeah he’s a little bit over the top LOL


I definitely don’t need to hear the word Fflussssh again.

I’m amazed how in such a great video someone can still find something to complain about. SMH.

Says the person who commented about that part instead of “This team is going to be fun to watch!” SMH!

I like the announcer. Brings an extra level of excitement to the game.

Not sure I am into all the cool lingo (I am an old school old man) but I would rather hear the repetitive description of this Hog or that Hog “flushing it” than not having any such events to talk about!

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