Rogers product at Yankee Stadium

Some may know this, but Rogers product Ty Galyean was in the West Point color guard this week at Yankee Stadium for the national anthem.

Ty played slot receiver at Rogers High. He’s a senior on the Army “sprint” football team (178 pounds and under) that is rolling up big numbers this season. Sprint football is a big deal back east with some Ivy League schools and at Army and Navy. Army looks headed for the Sprint national title. It has won 40 or so championships. They call it sprint because it’s with smaller guys (all 178 and under) and is a very fast, entertaining game.

I know of Ty because his mom teaches with my daughter in Grimes Elementary in Rogers. Ty is captain of the Army sprint team. Has led them in receiving most of the year, but hasn’t played much in the second half of the last three games because they’ve been ahead. There is another connection. My wife, Jean Ann, told him in middle school the year before she retired. She said he was an incredibly strong leader among class mates even in the 7th grade. There is something about those that end up at West Point. Just the cream of the cream.

When you are a captain of a team at Army, that’s saying something. That’s a leader within leaders.

Ty is a huge Razorback fan. He asked to be on the color guard at Yankee Stadium so he could get Dallas Keuchel’s autograph. He was hoping the World Series was coming back to Yankee Stadium (with the Dodgers) so he could get Logan Forsythe’s autograph. He was already set to be on the color guard again if the Yankees beat the Astros last night.

Just as an explanation, you don’t get on the color guard for events like that just because you ask. You have to be on a select group that trains extra, lots of marching. Remember, he’s already doing extra with the Sprint team practices. They have to practice before school, and then do all of the cadet marching at the end of the day, too. They don’t get any special exemption for playing a sport at Army. He would have to be among the top handful of students in his class to get on the color guard.

Sarah told me about Ty at the start of the year. He’s a subscriber to Hawgs Illustrated. I’m going to try to do a column on Ty after the season is done.

That’s awesome, Clay. Color Guard is a HUGE honor.