Rocky Top crumbling.....

As we watch/wait with baited breath for the UGA - Auburn game Saturday there is a great sideshow going on here in Vol country. First the TN AD Currie comes to an agreement with Schiano to coach the Vols. Immediately the Vol nations melts down enough that Currie pulls the offer. I’ve never seen a worse reaction to a hire. Currie then offers Mike Grundy big bucks to move to Knoxville. As usual Grundy turns them down - Cowboy for Life. Next Currie offers former Vol OC David Cutcliffe the job of head FB coach. Cutcliffe wants no part of the sideshow in Knoxville (even after spending 18 years there as an assistant). Currie turns his search toward Purdue and Brohm. Ending with an agreement between Currie and Brohm for Brohm to be the head coach for the Vols. Hold on - it turns out the UT President will not approve the money it takes to buy out Brohm. Ending with Brohm deciding to end the discussion and remain at Purdue.

Currie is toast in Tennessee. Folks here are livid. They still think Currie can lure Gruden to Knoxville.

And I thought we had problems…

Why is Norvell and Venables not being considered by Tennessee?

Bad times for UT.

Probably a 50 M ordeal.

Lawsuits, buyouts… eesh

Because the hound dog fans are colorblind and thought the tie Gruden was wearing on MNF was orange. :lol:

It was discussed on ESPN that Schiano may have a case for a lawsuit since the memorandum agreement had the AD’s signature on it. Will be interesting to see how far this all goes…