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only 2 sec teams left

This is why the SEC gets minimal respect nationally

The ran into a buzz saw today, Dickinson was as hot as any big I’ve seen in a while, and just clogged the middle on D.

Big Ten teams are big inside. Michigan should have been a much higher seed. Winning Conference tournament is meaningless other than taking a day of rest for your legs away.

But all the basketball “experts” tell us you don’t need a good low post player to win in the era of “position-less” basketball. Uh huh.

Quite a few big men out there. Very few dominating big men.

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Ok, fair enough. I edited my prior post. In the era of position-less basketball, you still need a strong low post presence that can get you tough buckets inside. Arkansas could’ve used one those types tonite with all the missed jump shots.


No matter how many times you post the same thing, it doesn’t change that Michigan lost 14 games and 5 of their last 9.


If Mich was in SEC with that overall record & being ousted 1st rd of Big10 tourney, they be playing in NIT now.

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At the moment, 2 is all the Big Ten has in, but they are in 3 more games today. They’ve lost 4 of their 9 teams that got in. OH St is currently losing to Nova, but it’s early. Mich St is a big underdog to Duke, and Purdue will have a tough game against TX.

Purdue might be the only one to survive of those 3. Ohio st and Mich St now out

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