Rocket no longer SEC Rushing leader

Sanders had a pretty comfortable lead on the Rushing title in the SEC, but thanks to the last 2 weeks he is now in second place by 24 yards to Quinshon Judkins of Ole Miss. Sanders was 46 and 60 in the last two games while Judkins was 205 and 135. Its still possible for Rocket to get the title but this defense will need to find a way to shut down Judkins Saturday and Rocket needs a big day.

Here are the numbers to date:

Online can’t do it every game.

Well that’s simple. This weekend when Ole Miss comes
To the hill our defense need to shut down the Ole Miss RB and our offense needs to open some holes up for Sanders and let he take the lead back and n a head to head matchup.

You bet, if next Monday we are reading about Rocket retaking the lead it will probably mean we had a good weekend, I hope. WPS

Not sure what is going on with the O line – whether we have some guys playing hurt (clearly Wagner has been struggling), or they’re simply not as good as everyone thought they were, but we are clearly struggling run blocking in the past two games. LSU wasn’t as big of a surprise as Liberty, as the tigers have the athletes to really challenge anyone. Obviously, this has been impacting Sanders (and our other backs) ability to make some big runs.

Having said the above, I’ve been really disappointed in all of our RBs performance the past two games. Other than one fourteen yard run in the 4Q, Sanders looked a bit lost at times and struggled to gain any traction on most of his runs. Quite frankly, AJ Green showed much more spirit and effort on three or four of his runs.

The LSU RBs looked far more determined (especially Williams #27, 122 yards on 19 carries) than our guys. They ran hard, with a lot of second effort and yards after initial contact on several of their carries. I think CSP may have alluded to this after the game. The Old Miss RBs look very similar – hard runners that give a lot of second and third effort.

Unless things change with our O line and Rocket, I don’t think he will get that “rushing title”.

have to remember Rocket is still learning the position. he has had a couple of frustrating games and could be causing him to be a little tentative or just looking too much for hole where there hasnt been any.
i think the oline snaps out of it even if a couple 2nd stringers are in there.
Stromberg needs to snap out of his funk and start guiding these men.

Our TE’s need to block better also.

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