Rocker vs. Wicklander tonight

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Getting the popcorn and Bud Light ready! Go Hogs!

Hope Wick is dealing, will be the best offense he has seen,the key to the game will be how he handles the leadoff hitter who has 42 stolen bases, must shut him down because in a low scoring game, that can be the difference.

It is either Wicklander or Bolden.

Wicklander is throwing.

I’d love to beat Rocker. I know he’s great, but he can be had.

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Well that’s good. I hope the home plate umpire calls a good zone tonight. If he squeezes it will be a rough night for both pitchers. It would be nice to beat Vandy!

Hopefully the offense shows up and takes advantage of opportunities. Rocker is going to come right at us only 27 BB so no sense in taking a lot of pitches, the teams that have hit him have been very aggressive.

I am willing to bet that the team and the coaches want to win this game tonight. I think we are going to see Kopps later in the game tonight if the score is close. Kopps has to pitch at least some during the tournament, and I bet it is tonight.

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Peanuts and CBL’S

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Perhaps tonight if it’s close. I doubt DVH wants to get into the losers bracket and have to play an extra game in Hoover.

If you have a chance to win late tonight, you have to call the Kopps.

A win gets you a day off, bragging rights and will force Todd Walker and those guys to recognize.

Walker called Vandy the SEC’s best team last night after Vandy downed Ole Miss.


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