Rocker and Vandy getting smoked

Georgia has pounded Rocker for 6 runs… 3 HRs in 6 inn. now he K 12 .had only given up 2 HR in his career… just goes to show you you get the ball in the middle of a plate in this league and a lot of time it doesn’t come back .Ga up 6-1

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Rocker was human tonight. Georgia was still putting a whipping on Vandy a few minutes ago! Georgia has issued 7 + walks and Vandy failed to take advantage of that up trough the bottom of the 8th where I found something else to watch.

Georgia hit 4 HR in the 9th, including back to back to back solo homers. Leading 14-2 now. This is Vanderbilt’s Alabama-Hogs game.


Even the Best have an off night.

As a Dodger fan, I am looking at you, Clayton Kershaw!

Good observation. In both of those games, the losing team strayed from its pitching plan to save arms for the final two games of the series.

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