Rock Bottom or Not?

When I was a little fart and not the big gas bag I am now, my Grandpa when he saw something lucky use to be fond of saying “that guy could reach into a bucket of shit and find a golden nugget every time”. I use to get quite a laugh at that. Miss that old guy. Anyways with that in mind, when I think of Arkansas Football I thinks its just the opposite… we can reach into a bucket of golden nuggets and manage to pull out the only turd in there!! Sad to say, but, we seem to have the knack for it.

I keep seeing things like “Rock Bottom”, “Can’t Get Worse”, or “Could Be Worse”, etc. Personally I believe we are already at rock bottom with our football program, and I have little to no faith that we will get it right anytime soon. Years ago I never had that worry, but at that time we had Frank running the ship and I never felt he had to contend with meddlers too much. I always heard it said Frank Broyles was the most powerful man in Arkansas even more than the governor. Its not been that way since the twilight of Franks time here.

I think every AD since Frank has had to contend with meddlers… Be they big donors, or “the good ole boys” or the Board of Trustees. I think they are just as culpable of the state we find our team in as anyone. That being said, I do see a way we could go beyond rock bottom. A real doomsday scenario.

Suppose our AD gets tired of the push back or meddling he keeps receiving that is if there is any truth to the rumors that are flying around. Imagine if he decided to just give them the finger and tell them to kiss it and walks away, hold a presser saying that he had coaches lined up, but other forces kept sandbagging him and he calls them all out and quits. We would then have no coach and no AD and lots of public embarrassment to go round.

So I guess we are not quite at rock bottom, but I’m hoping that drastic scenario is so far fetched as to never happen and we won’t get any worse.

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If HY went that extreme, I would assume he is set for early retirement.

He straight up “Morris’d” the coaching search today on the national stage, today was more embarrassing than Chads entire tenure and we didn’t even take the field.

It could get worse very easily and it’s going to when they try to pawn off drinkwitz or some other doofus on us b/c the fans aren’t buying that stuff anymore.

Truth right there. Drink = we just screwed the pooch on this one, boys. And watch the spin. Drink will be Vince Lombardi. So lucky to land him.

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Not buying this time and I’d be willing to bet not many other fans are either, the only way this gets fixed is to hold those in charge accountable. Hunter straight up “Morris’d” the coaching search on the national stage which dug our whole deeper. Unless he’s got a miracle up his sleeve he should be fired and the BOT should’ve been awhile ago.

So you’re blaming HY for NOT being allowed to hire the coach he wanted? SMH


I’m blaming the people in charge who embarrassed us over a coaching search today. Hunter “Morris’d” the coaching search on the national stage today it was more embarrassing than the entire Chad Morris era.

We get it. You’ve said that three times in this thread alone, not to mention at least in three or four other threads.

Yeah so people stop it with the bull crap, this is one of the most embarrassing days in program history and Morris is gone… that should tell you we have a problem with incompetent people running the show.

I guess I must have missed what happened that wad so embarrassing. Took the wife shopping and tried to avoid the board so I wouldn’t have to watch everyone out on the ledge.
So what exactly happened today that was so embarrassing?

If today wasn’t embarrassing for you … I don’t know what would be. Do you watch football? Did you hear the talk of Arkansas? No? Not many others did either, except when national media were suggesting that maybe BLJ was the best we could do after a 'fruitless" coaching search. This program is a national joke. It has been since BP was fired and there is no indication that it is making any moves toward improvement. If that doesn’t embarrass you, then you have no shame.

I guess you didn’t read my post. What part of taking the wife shopping and being away from the board do you not comprehend? I didn’t watch any football today, and only caught the score of LSU game. Don’t even know who won the other games played, nor do I care since the Hogs weren’t playing.
I asked someone a question about what happened today that was so embarassing, especially since I, along with most others on this board knew that Kiffin was going to ole miss. Still haven’t got an answer from him. Perhaps you can fill me in.

Okay, I will fill you in. Kiffin is gone to OM. We had a three week head start, but OM signed him in three days. Why, because we have boosters and BOT members that will not allow our AD to do his job … will be lucky to keep him after this joke of a hire. We are now scrambling to find ANYONE to take this job. And its not looking good … but, media will spin, spin, spin, that whoever finally lands here was Plan A all the time. Norvell is at FSU, Cambell (laugh) said not thank you, any other name you’ve heard … forget it. This is abject failure and anyone trying to tell you differnetly is lying, or spinning, Up to speed?

I already knew all of this. There is one person who implied that something happened today that was really embarrassing. I knew kiffin was gone early Friday. Confirmed it with a well connected ole miss friend, even stated so on the board. Sexton’s hands are all over this. He is notorious for playing schools against each other to get the price up for his clients.
I’m willing to wait to see who the new coach is before I climb out on the ledge. And next year I’ll send my donation into the foundation, and order my season tickets like I’ve done for the last 28 years. I’ll go into the season with high hopes, just like I do every year and hope the team performs better than they did the last 2 years.
I used to get pissed when we lost, but life is too short to let the actions of 18-22 year olds, or the outcome of a game ruin my day or influence how I feel.


I guess what Zach and Razor are trying to say is some person(s) in the national media stated we may be left with only Lunney to take the job as embarrassing.
However we haven’t announced a hire yet so I’m not embarrassed by anything they say. They know nothing more than we do now.

Agree Jimbeau. Lots of nutty overreactions. We need to see what happens. By the way, to truly be embarrassed, you need to be viewed with high esteem in the first instance. No one — national media especially — holds this football program in high esteem. No one outside the fan base really cares about Arkansas’s coaching search. It’s like an Illinois, Oregon State or Wake Forest coaching search.

And that’s sort of the problem with our entire fandom I’ve decided. We don’t really know our place in the college football world. We are wholly irrelevant and and don’t win anything. Yet we apparently have some idiot BOT members worried about the type of image a guy like Lane Kiffin will project. That is, prioritizing other, less important things over winning. That’s what has killed us in the past (Petrino) and is what will continue to kill us.

That said, maybe HY has a plan. He had Muss in the can a while before he was announced. Maybe the same deal is brewing here.

When did we as fans get so smart that even when we don’t know who it is, who was offered,who turned it down and what money restrictions HY is working with that we deem it a failure ? Like everyone else I am anxious to find out but can we evaluate the hire AFTER it’s made.

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No that would make too much sense

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Well from what I keep reading on here,

As Dr Spock would say - Now that would be illogical.