Robert Scott update

I visited Conway HS yesterday and sat down with Robert for about 15-20 minutes. He’s one of the more charismatic young men I’ve come across. Smiling all the time and upbeat. If you don’t have a smile on your face after talking to Robert, you’re not human.

Asked him about Brad Davis, who visited the school Tuesday morning. He said “That’s my guy”. Davis and Missouri offered him early and that started the relationship.

His respect and trust of Davis is very strong.

He calls Pittman a legend. He said kids at the school are always talking up Pittman. He likes Pittman because he said they have the same type personality.

His OV to FSU over the weekend? “I had amazing time. It was something different scenery wise.”

He commented on Mike Norvell and TE coach Chris Thomsen being former UCA coaches.

He’s still in the process of getting to know the Ole Miss coaches. The Rebs did an in-home with him last night.

His desire to go out of state comes from his mother. She’s told him there’s more out there than just Arkansas. He didn’t grow up a Razorback fan. He said he’s never really had a dream school.

Scott said he would announce his decision the Monday or Tuesday after his Arkansas visit this weekend. Arkansas, FSU or Ole Miss.

That’s what we battle now. Kids didn’t grow up Razorback fans because it’s been basically a decade of crap. Hopefully Pittman can bring it back to where kids dream of being a Hog.

No way to really understand what he’s thinking… he has to realize that there is no better offensive line combination in America then Pittman and Davis and that he is going to a school that he has a chance to play next year… sounds like Mom is the problem here.

I think a lot of parents tell their kids that. There’s a lot out there. Go experience the world.

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How do you think our chances are here??

While I think our position with recruits, especially in-state would be elevated with better performance from the Hogs, I think you overlook other factors. His Mother’s suggestion of being limited to Arkansas is a fact that influences some kids, one that always comes to mind when a stud NW Arkansas kids comes along. It would not be out of the question for a kid to seek other experiences. Also the proliferation of sports channels have made it easier for both kids and parents to see distance as less a factor. Even when Nolan had it going well, we saw mid-south kids wearing Georgetown hoops gear, partly influenced by being able to see their games on ESPN. We even lost some recruits we sought to them.

I suspect they’re not that high.

yeah even after knowing how Great Pittman and Davis are…just going to have to start winning to seal the deal with a lot of these…I hope we can get Henderson then!

FSU is leader right now. He can be a Hawg but this weekend will be the key if it turns out that way.

You can be coached by the coach you call “my guy” along with (as others said) CSP who is a legend or go elsewhere for scenery. Will he get coached up better at the position here, most would probably say yes right now but can’t say completely. I suspect as of now FSU is leader in club house since it is out of state and fresh on his mind. Time for the staff to do their magic this weekend!

Little did we know how great Pittman and Davis truly are. They have their own company now.

Who knew?

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I got a feeling this weekend will change everything! I’m glad we get him after he went to Florida State. You can tell he has an incredible amount of admiration for Pittman in the end I think that’s going to be hard to turn down. I’m just looking at it from an offensive lineman mindset,why would you not want to go play for a guy who puts three or four offensive lineman in the league every year or two

I agree with you and he needs to tell him mom that as well. Plenty of years down the road to go out of state in my opinion to see the scenery. Play for the guys that can certainly give you a solid shot if not the best chance to get drafted. Not saying FSU can’t but we know for sure these 2 dudes can!

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I do not know the parents but have read they are supportive of Arkansas as well. Sounds like parents want him to do what he feels is best for him (as I would if he was mine). RD’s comments are very positive as well. 17 year old people have their own dreams too.

3 or 4 and even 5 years goes by fairly quickly as all us older guys can attest to. And he’ll have the rest of his life to see the world. Wisdom says go with the coaching staff your more comfortable with. Just trying to give more insight. No need in trying to rush through possibly some of the best years of your life. Enjoy wherever you go and YES, I hope it’s on the hill. GHG!

If he doesn’t end up a hog, I’d much rather him go to FSU than Ole Miss.

Hard to believe, but probably a better chance to play early in Tallahassee.

Their OL was putrid last year.

I’ve lived in Tallahassee. The scenery is OK, especially if you like Spanish moss, but it isn’t all that special. Campus is not that great, and facilities are inferior to ours. Tennessee Street strip not nearly as cool as Dixon Street. Fayetteville scenery different and better than Conway. Maybe he just needs to get to The Hill and take a good look.

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Lot easier to see what else is out in the world when you are in the NFL making millions.