Robert Scott to Ole Miss

No surprise here. He’s stated to people he wanted to go out of state.

That was quick.

Would you say we wanted him?

Some others are trying to make it seem like we didn’t.

No inside knowledge here, but he might be one we had to offer because he was in-state, knowing we had no chance to get him.

Well, that’s unfortunate if that’s the case.

Should always have a chance with instate guys, especially when the go to Ole piss.

I am sure they wanted him.

So no, it wasn’t a had to offer situation. Arkansas offered him based on potential and did want to land him.

I will say that he didn’t grow up as a devout fan of the Razorbacks and I am sure that didn’t help things.

Arkansas could very well lose the top three players in the state if Blayne Toll ends up at Oklahoma to go along with Criswell to North Carolina and Scott to Ole Miss.

That would be a big blow most of the time to an Arkansas staff, but I don’t think will be as big a blow because of current staff’s Texas ties.

Well, that sucks.

This is Frys year for me, I’m not sold on his ability. Crawford is a huge get, but will he sign? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Will we get Hayes? Personally don’t see us beating A&M out for anyone right now.

Instate guy with potential, never want to lose that.

We have to get Toll, idc about Criswell, Morris is better.

If a kid from Arkansas doesn’t want to be a Hog I sure don’t want them on the team!
That’s my opinion.

Not good no matter how you try to spin it.

Hate to lose kids like this but if they are not “all in” on being a Hog then so be it. Good luck to you and your career but don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya on your way out of town I say! Don’t mean that in a bad way but I want kids that want to be Hogs and want to play for this team. If that means they come from other states and are just as good or better than fine by me! The one I don’t want to lose is Toll!

I’m curious Why he picked Ole Miss, but I don’t see losing him a great loss. I believe Coach Morris will recruit better offensive linemen from Texas.

I missed the spin part?

we are on better than him so adios big man!

But who will those be signing with in December is the big question.

Adios for now, hopefully not a regretful one in December.

Why is everyone so worried about the Toll kid? He isn’t some generational get and must have. He is athletic and tall, but he does not dominate his opponents at the lower level. I must be missing something

Have you seen his offer list?

If those schools are fighting for him… and he’s the top recruit in your state… you have to get him. Come on now

He’s got elite potential. Raw? Oh yeah… but he could be really good. We certainly are in no position to act like it’s not a big deal to lose him.

Looks like we are going to get him though.