Robert Scott to FSU

Wish him luck…but I don’t think he really seriously considered coming here.

I can vouch for nobody saying anything automatic about Scott coming here, was reported that we had a better shot now than before.

This staff has done great work given the short time to build relationships and the last three horrible seasons. This build will not happen overnight. But I’m convinced it will happen.

Agree wholeheartedly, Ole Miss is the only team that “lost out” on Mr Scott.

Told my daughter a big FSU fan(born in FL) congrats & hope the best for him, but he was never a Razorback!!!

Ha. I’m happy for him. The sooner he can leave home the sooner he can realize how much he loves home. I could be wrong but from what I’m hearing from him and momma he’ll go there for a year or two and return home for his final 2-3 years.

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I believe it was DD who said he had a good shot not RD, but even DD never said he was all in as far as I can tell.

Some kids and parents think they are too good for their home state school. They love the publicity involved with dragging it out and then picking out of state. This is another case. His mommie was never going let him pick Arkansas!

Dude don’t pick on the guys mom. You don’t know that. Mom May have wanted him to be a hog kid may have wanted his own path.

if a kid wants to go some place other than Arkansas…so be it…hate to watch your reaction if you had a child/grand child that decided they wanted to attend college out of state no matter how much you wanted them at Fayetteville…would you turn on them as much as you turn on these kids?feel sorry for you if you do…i too would prefer kids going to Fayetteville because that is the best choice…but as others have stated…we are not a winning program like we were in the 60s.70s,or even the 80s…just my 2 cents worth

Trust me. As a Memphis resident since 1975, I can tell you that there is a reason Norvell left Memphis and it wasn’t about a career move; and you can also take it to the bank. He won’t last at FSU. He inherited a full cupboard at Memphis and, just like the Memphis basketball program, you can’t recruit to this cess pool of a city without providing a lot of “fringe benefits” to players and their families.

So are you saying there paying players and he’s a crappy coach? No disrespect but anyone that’s starts with “trust me “ seems a little hard to trust. Not sure why people on here use that phrase and similar phrases just say what you know/or think you know

So a good strategy in your mind is to totally trash a city where we are trying hard to recruit athletes from and from where a decent size group of our players come from?
Sure makes me want to be a Hog! You might want to rethink that strategy.

No place is the right place for everyone, otherwise that perfect place would get the Top 25 players every time. Alabama is not a place I would chose to live, but you can find many who love it there. Throw in Nick Saban and the best college program in football and you have a winning, but not perfect, situation. The same can not be said for the basketball program.
As long as the kid doesn’t jerk you around wish him luck, accept your disappointment and move on. It is going to take awhile for CSP to turn this all around. What we get this year is gravy. And for those who can not accept that perhaps you should stop following the program for about three years, then check back. I think you will see a big difference.

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Not knocking any kid about their decision & in fact am critical of those who have talked bad about Robert Scott’s choice, despite hoping he would be a Hog.

Can’t be critical of Mr. Scott for visiting Arkansas & giving us a fair look. It was obviously not the right fit for him, for whatever reason. As with many recruits, he may find that pastures are not always greener elsewhere & will return to Arkansas someday. I grew up in Houston & with scholarship opportunities to join friends at nearby ut, but I chose Arkansas since that was my allegiance & level of comfort. Mr. Scott likely felt the same about his choice with FSU.

In the meantime, not going to burn bridges with him or with any other recruit on their choices & wish him the best. Believe & hope that Arkansas under CSP can & will turn around the program.

How did you come up with that analogy? I’m not trashing a city. I’m stating a fact about the history of the University of Memphis sports scene. Calipari-vacated wins. Boosters arranging people to take ACT tests for recruits (i.e. Derick Rose). Calipari’s connection to worldwide wes. Andre Allen drugs. Dana Kirk (probably best coach to ever coach at memphis) - tax evasion and jail time. Also paid off Keith Lee’s mother with a shoe box full of money. (Court records), Tick Price-fired for inappropriate conduct with cheerleaders, Logan Young-Mysterious “drug overdose” following Albert Means’ high school coaches being paid off. Taylor Bradford (FB) murdered. And during the time William Bedford was at Memphis, there was the infamous raid on the players’ apartments where they found guns, jewelery, furs and hookers all linked to boosters. And most recently James Wiseman’s mother paid off by current coach Penny Hardaway who also has a player (Alex Lomax) living with him driving a $60K automobile. Let’s be clear. You can’t dispute history and facts and these, my friend, are the facts when it comes to the University of Memphis’ history.

You have a right to your opinion but the thing I have never understood about the Memphis program is that the corruption is flaunted by boosters; and I’m not talking about the $50-$500/boosters. I’m talking about the crowd at the Highland Hundred and Chickasaw and Colonial CC crowds. Spend a little time on the club level at the forum before a game and it won’t take long for you to understand what i’m talking about. When Calipari was there, Worldwide Wes was a fixture and there is no bigger basketball pimp in college basketball than WWW.

I agree. I wish he would have gone to FV but, things have a way of changing and, given some of Norvell’s history while he was here in Memphis, don’t be surprised to see Mr. Scott ending up somewhere else.