Robert Moore

Robert Moore is 100% energy when on the field. The play in the 4th inning when he ran to first and the review was done, he was called out. As he got to first base, he was already stretching his arm out to call himself safe instead on running thru the bag first. You see this more often in baseball. What happened to running thru the bag at full speed then worry about the call?

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i think the replay missed it…to me it appeared that his toes stubbed the bag before the catch and he then dragged his foot over the top of the base…but that(dragging the foot) occurred after the ball was in the glove


Signaling yourself safe is one of my pet peeves in baseball. It’s not just Moore; it happens all over now. Run through the bag and let the call and review stand for itself.


How about NOT running to first when the catcher doesn’t catch strike 3? That’s probably the biggest pet peeve of mine. The Ole Miss batter just strolled to the dugout last night, while Turner and the umpire watched and waited until he was officially out.

No one likes striking out, but everyone can sprint down the line after it happens.

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Two OM batters did that. DVH would not put up with it. Their is a (small) possibility the catcher makes a bad throw.

I think it is very possible that that small distraction to his focus might have cost him a bit.

At any rate, I would love to see the camera angle they had to show that the tip of his toe was NOT touching the bag.

I think he was out. That is why he dragged his foot across the base. Run thru the bag, not signal yourself safe. We won the game, that is what counts!!

I think a lot of times they don’t know the catcher miss the ball may have something to do with that at times.

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He was out, you could see his toe was a few inches from the bag and why he drug his toe across the bag

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