Robert Moore


It appears the mini slump is over and just in time for a tune up this weekend and I hope he’s hot for Ole Miss!

Plus a walk and a hit by pitch. Supercycle.

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First since 1994?

I was at the game last night. Many of the fans around us were aware all he needed was a double to complete the cycle. We talked about it, thinking he wouldn’t get back up until at least the seventh. Then that crazy sixth inning happened and folks got excited when they realized Moore would get a chance. Big roar when he hit it and a standing ovation well before the announcer pointed out the cycle to the crowd (Hog fans know baseball). Very cool moment. I’ve been to hundreds of baseball games at all levels and have never seen a cycle before.

Pretty rare feat. Robert Moore stated his appreciation for DVH sticking with him during that slump. Classy and humble young man.

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