Robert Moore to report in jan

Saw where he said he was coming to the hill early and by all accounts one of the top players in the country! Me Likey!!

It was also on the radio just a few minutes ago! He’s a stud.

Robert Moore

Is there a point to reporting that early other than to increase the level of competition sooner? Wouldn’t he miss the baseball season of his senior year in high school?

How about playing a season in the SEC instead of KC area high schools?

If he is as good as he is supposed to be, it would be like the basketball team getting a Daniel Gafford in early.

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Yeah read where he is the #20 player in the nation!

Isn’t he the son of the KC Royals’ GM?

Yes, he is the son of Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore

I spoke to Robert last night. I’ll have a story about his decision later today.

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Here is a story about it from Perfect Game:

Awesome article! I think you may see more of this happening with the top players

So Matt and Dudley, do you think he will start this spring for us at shortstop? If so, where does Casey Martin move to? I’m betting Moore is too good to keep out of the infield lineup.

Martin will be starting at shortstop.

Now that ramps up the excitement level for Razorback baseball this year!

Just wait until next year when Brooks and some others show up. Hope he does but he is down here in Florida and getting a lot of visits from scouts during this off season.

This young man must be really good! It sounds like he is coming to play this season!

Interview with the young man.

sharp young man,thanks for sharing.

Impressive the way he handles himself in an interview. Very articulate but humble.
Cant wait to see him on the field. Think he will love the Hog atmosphere to.