Robb Smith's comments

I am surprised there has been no discussion on this board concerning Robb Smith parting statements.

He said" In discussing solutions with Coach Bielema it has become clear we have philosophical differences on how to get better results. Given our differences, it seems in the best interest of everyone involved that I move on."

It would be interesting to know how much these differences played out over the course of the season? There have been rumors mentioned on sports talk radio about dissension among the defense of staff throughout the year, though I have never heard any names or specifics mentioned.

Did some coaches want to blitz more? Or play more aggressively?

I realize there are some stories that can’t be reported, but I would be interested if the insiders have any comments on this last years situation.

It is interesting to hear Mike Irwin on talk radio now tell stories about what they knew about situations years ago that never came to light. This last week he was talking about when Coach Altman was hired and resigned as basketball coach. I heard stuff that I never knew at all back during that time it was happening. You would think that with all of the pay boards and Internet reporting that most of that stuff would have come out. I guess people are better at keeping secrets than I thought.

We had plenty on the Hawgs Illustrated board at the time about Coach Altman’s very brief stay here.

He found a drug culture, players that weren’t going to class and so on and so forth.

As for Robb Smith - who is a good dude regardless of how his defenses played the last two years - much of that is coach speak.

There were certainly some defensive issues, but to my knowledge none of it was between the head coach and the DC.

I had not heard that Altman tried to call Broyles, and that whomever he asked told him they couldn’t because he was in Augusta playing golf. Or that John White blew off his concerns. It sounded like if somebody had handled the situation better, then maybe Altman wouldn’t have run off. Maybe or maybe not?

Again, I understand why not everything is reported. I’m sure in a few years, someone will say ‘heck, everybody knew that so and so wanted to do this and there was a big dust up over it and so and so did this’. And the rest of us will go ‘well crap. I never heard that before. Now it makes sense.’

I’m sure there are occasional underlying issues on coaching staffs during the good and bad times and it is for the best to keep a lid on it for as long as possible. That’s called being a professional and trying to work through it to win. It doesn’t do anybody any good to be airing personal riff amongst staff to the media or fanbase, in fact it would create more drama.
If you think about it how could there not be. With different experiences, egos, styles, personalities and so on. Most issues or differences are probably menial and is squashed in a 5 minute conversation. Then when its a major conflict, someone just moves on and all is good.
Coaches all want to win and have different methods and ideas to accomplish that, but at the end of the day they have to be a team just as the players do.
That’s where the HC has to maintain that fit and cohesion within the staff he assembles. That is one major part of his job and what he is paid for as well.

Yes, the Broyles/White thing was reported as well.

I actually was showing up at Coach Altman’s “new” office for a schedule 3 p.m. interview with him about recruiting (about the best players in the state) that day when he confirmed it for me.

The major philosophical difference was that Robb was no longer going to call the defense, he was not going to be defensive coordinator and they would be in a 3-4. I don’t think Robb wanted to go to the 3-4. That is a difference of philosophy. But more than anything, he wanted to be the DC and found at least two places (Wake and Minnesota) that would allow him to be DC. The letter of resignation has to say something. That’s all there is to the wording of the resignation letter. I guess he could have just said I am resigning. Period.

So what were the tell tell signs of a drug culture in the basketball program?