Robb Smith

For what it’s worth, just saw that Robb Smith has been named the new co-DC at Dook. Really hate to root for Auburn against Arkansas, but when I go to the UNC-Duke game this year (COVID permitting), I’ll have to root for new UNC co-DC Gene Chizik over Smith. As to head coaches, it’s now Texas versus Texas A&M (Mack Brown versus Mike Elko), tough choice, but Go Heels (unless they play my Hogs, which is hard for me to watch, especially in the Fog Bowl :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

At some point I may have to get to a game at Kenan, Wallace Wade or Carter-Finley. Not sure I could handle a game at the Dean Dome or Cameron. It’ll be a solo trip; my GF has no interest in sports whatsoever but she did get me a Hog ski cap for Christmas.

I think the NHL plans an outdoor game at Carter-Finley in 2023. There was supposed to be one last year but it got zapped by COVID. Of course the stadium is next door to the NCSU/Hurricanes arena.

Should be a great game at those places, although none of them match the intensity of the SEC (for that you need a Duke-UNC basketball game. Sold our tickets to that one year to a woman in Alabama who gave them to her husband for Christmas. They have 50 yard line tickets to the Iron Bowl every year and then saw a UNC-Duke basketball game, nice combo).

One of the most memorable local games for me was when a Lou Holtz coached NC State team played Duke at Wallace Wade. When I was walking through the woods to the game I saw the Duke coach, by himself, kneeling on the ground praying. Terrific game, and his prayers paid off. Near the end of the first half the Duke fans started chanting “If you can’t go to college, go to State.” The NC State fans responded with “If you can’t go to Harvard, go to Duke”. Ouch!


I think Robb is a good coach and a terrific family man. He was one of the favorite men I wanted to be around at Arkansas. I always pull for him. I feel the same way about Mark Smith, the coach who just lost his home to fire at Colorado. Just a solid person and wonderful family man.

I’ve developed some wonderful friends among coaches through the years. Obviously my best friend is Louis Campbell, whom I’m likely to see late today. Good family man.


Happy for him that he’s here. And Chizik did a great job for UNC when he was DC before, should help make for some great UNC-Duke battles. Btw, Jacolby Criswell has been the backup to Sam Howell at QB for the last two years at UNC, and now that Howell will be taking his talents to the NFL as a probable first round draft pick, Criswell is the heir apparent, although the job won’t be handed to him. I wish him well, although every time he went into the game in a mop up role, I half jokingly turned to my wife and whispered “Traitor!”.

Criswell at UNC, Gerry Bohanon at Bayluh – Arkansas kids who got away. But I like the QB we have. I don’t think either one would beat out KJ.


Robb is a good guy. Very unassuming guy.

He and his wife Amy got the horse racing bug while at Arkansas. He’s been a big ponies fan since his days at Arkansas.


I don’t think so either. I would not trade KJ for anyone in the country. But when we had an unsettled QB situation and Howell had had a record-breaking freshman year at UNC, I wondered why Criswell would go all the way to UNC with no chance for starting for 2-3 years.

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Well, there’s no horse racing in North Carolina, just pig races at the State Fair. But despite Duke rarely having the horses, hopefully he’ll find a stable situation in Durham :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


Drove through Florida horse country around Ocala on the way to the bowl game. There’s even a World Equestrian Center down there. Affirmed was an Ocala-bred horse and won the Triple Crown in '78.

I thought about detouring to check out the UF campus on the way home, but we decided not to hop over to Gainesville. Given that the trip back took 12+ hours as it was, probably a wise decision.

Can play online. I play online year round.

Beers are cheaper on the back deck at home.


And you get home quicker after the race. (Obviously, you are home.) The roads between LR and Hot Springs are better than my early days in the city, but seeing those headlights at night as you round those curves is not for me. And there is hardly any straight road between Benton and Hot Springs. It’s one gentle curve after another.


I hate driving on two-lane roads at night. When I leave home on Monday afternoon to drive 100 miles to my job for the week, I make sure that I leave early enough to get through the two-lane sections before dark.Unfortunately, I don’t have that much control when I leave to go home this afternoon. I’ll have some sections of 2-lane after dark unless my last patient cancels (which is possible).

We’re in Florida horse county right now. We stay at Grand Oaks equestrian center (with a great RV park near Lady Lake) every January. I’m looking at folks on horses as I type this. One of the most beautiful parks we’ve visited which is saying a lot. We chased our rodeo dreams in the 70’s and spent many days riding and and practicing our sport on our two horses. We eventually had to decide between feeding children or horses. Naturally the children came first. Miss those days. But we were never going to be good enough to pay the bills. We plan to visit the equestrian center in Ocala this trip. I hear it’s world class.

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