Robb Smith..., scapegoat

TCU coulda scored 60!

Offense just as bad maybe worse, no playmakers or identity. A running team…, lol, we don’t block anyone.

Classy handle there.

Defense played well enough to win…offense could not get anything going today. Have to score TD’s in the red zone and control the clock. TCU kept the ball longer. That cannot happen…ever.

I’m glad Robb Smith is gone. The defense was better today than last year.
The offense needs reps. The QB and receivers are not on the same page.
I guess folks needed to appreciate the receivers that graduated!
Inside the red zone today we failed the same way we did last year. A safety blitz for a loss inside the 5 from the edge. That what I’m disappointed with. Same mistake as last year. Canteell catches the ball in the end zone and is out of bounds. I guess he needed more reps last year too. There’s no excuse for missing 2 FG’s inside the 20.
Cole Hedlund may be a perfect kicker in practice but in games he just can’t get it done he has shown that in years past.
Put someone else in and let them give it a try! I’d rather fail on 4 th down than Miss those FG’s. I’d say those are the issues.
The defense was better today. A lot of young players Gaines some experience and I have hope. The season is not over and if being negative
In a couple of weeks once these young receivers get some reps we will see them perform.

Defense was not awful today. Defense held them to 21 points and 350 yards (not counting the score after the fumble on the kick return). Not many teams will do that to TCU this year, if any.

Can defense play better, I think so, but today the offense was awful. I saw poor and soft offensive line play. I thought poor scheme. I would have ran the “I” and ran it straight at them and use play action off that.

Today I felt like our offense let us down. It seems out linemen are more finess than physical now. I’m not sold on our OL coach