Robb Smith reportedly joining Bill Belichick's staff

Wow u can bet they will play bend don’t break! He won’t last long there long.

He’ll be reunited with Flowers and Wise. He will do well.

As I recall he was Shiano’s defensive coordinator before he came to Arkansas.

Not good enough to coach at Arkansas, but is good enough to coach at the best program in the NFL? What is wrong with that picture? I must be missing something.

It’s all about the players. If you got 'em, you’re a good coach. If you don’t, you’re not.

He was Schiano’s defensive coordinator at Rutgers and was a linebackers coach for Schiano in Tampa Bay.

Smith posted this after the Football Scoop report, so who knows what will happen.

From what I’ve been told Robb is staying at Minnesota. He is making more as a DC than a position coach in NFL. Now sometimes things are not announced until after signing day, but Minnesota filled all 25 in early period.

Robb’s defense at Arkansas was good when he had some NFL talent. Not so good without. He blitzed with Martrell Spaight so he would bring heat when it worked.

Well, that picture went right OVER our heads!

He was a scapegoat.