Robb Smith fired

Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck fired Robb Smith tonight after the Gophers allowed 646 yards in a 55-31 loss to Illinois yesterday. Minnesota was 73rd nationally in total defense and 81st in scoring defense before yesterday’s game.

There may be a trend of poor defense and also could simply be the lack of talent.
The bend don’t break didn’t work there either. It takes apeed on the back end to employ his style of play! It also takes a depth cart that allows player rotations.
I hope he gets another job.

Fleck is in a bit of trouble as well so this is a logical move…

Personally, I think it is the “Being” curse…

bet it ends with Nick Saban with this year’s show - which took out the Being part.

That would be an almost certain bet

Last Arkansas DC to have a top 10 defense.

I like Robb. Obviously, he caught lightning in a bottle with that weakside triangle at Arkansas when there was Darius Philon, Trey Flowers, Montrell Spaight and Tevin Mitchel all making plays. A lot of people forget about Tevin as the nickel back. All of those were on NFL rosters at one point. I remember Tevin batting away three straight passes targeted to a very good slot receiver in the early minutes of the game at Lubbock. Without that play, Tech’s offense sputtered and the QB threw some ill advised throws into coverage. One was intercepted by Spaight that made it a two-score game. And, Tech never stopped a running play the rest of the game, ending the suspense. That was the first indication that Robb had a good defense and it kept getting better.

Jimmys and Joes. Probably did not have enough of them at MN either. Wonder what his defense would look like at LSU? I have a pretty good idea.

Big plays sunk Minnesota this year and it was against the lesser teams in the Big Ten.
In the Big Ten opener, Maryland hit plays for touchdowns of 81, 54 and 64 yards. Nebraska’s seven TDs featured strikes of 40, 59, 35 and 67 yards. And the Illini’s big day included TDs of 72, 72, 67, 30 and 77 yards. Ouch.

That sounds waaaaay too familiar, unfortunately.


It was that defense that brought us back from the abyss the last time( be it so brief, its almost as of it did not happen it went so quickly). I still think the quickest road back to being respectable is with defense. I believe heart, soul, smarts and determination can make up for some shortages in talent level.

I believe in the same philosophy, good defensive teams win more.
As Clay mentenioned above with only 3-4 really talented defensive players they were able to overcome several other weak spots on defense & be respectable. Any good offensive will work to exploit a defense’s weaknesses & it’s well proven as our defensive talent waned over the years.
CCM & Chavis have recruited early to rectify that.