Robb Smith announcement

I thought there might be a Robb Smith announcement from Arkansas on Sunday. It didn’t happen. I think I know why now. Wake Forest is an option. But maybe there is something else out there, too. This could be interesting. At either rate, I still think he’s leaving Arkansas.

First change so far. What else?

Not sure on other changes, or the direction for DC. The convention is going on right now. The other major thing that could impact changes is the possible vote to add a 10th coach. One thing I’d like to see is a move to make that 10th coach a true special teams guy. Certainly, Arkansas could benefit.

If you have the 10th coach added, that frees up a lot of jobs on the top staffs (along with everyone else). And that provides upward mobility for a lot of coaches. For instance, Greg Schiano is DC at Ohio State. Would he be interested in having Robb Smith join the defensive staff? Yes, I’d say so.

There just are some jobs that are going to come open for coaches at Power 5 teams to join teams at the same level, but maybe paying more. So that adds to the movement this January across the country.

Here’s another twist on a Robb Smith possible move. Smith coached with P.J. Fleck at Rutgers. Fleck is the new Minnesota coach.


Makes sense. And, yes, it’s going to be Minnesota. Robb’s wife Amy is from Iowa. Family still there. It will be closer for them there than at Wake.


Time to go get a DC and not promote Rhoads, whose work at Arkansas doesn’t merit a raise.

I know he’s been mentioned, but bob diaco seems like what should be the obvious target.

Let’s hope Bret gets this one right. I think a promotion of Rhoads won’t show what most fans want to see. His secondary was very pedestrian, safeties being atrocious.

I don’t know if ESPN has any inside info. But in their article, they say that CBB will likely look internally at Paul Rhoads for his replacement. Personally, I’m fine with that. Paul has a great resume as a DC and he’s only 49 yrs old. At Pitt, he had 2 top 10 defenses, with one being #5.

I don’t know why you would want to discount Paul over one year as a DB coach and ignore his 7-9 years as a DC. After all we’re looking for a DC. We’ll be hiring a new DB coach if Paul is promoted to DC. Let’s go get us a good DB coach who is also a great recruiter in the south, and especially in Texas.

I know he has a good resume. I’m going off the fact that he was a part of the staff all year and we saw no adjustments that worked throughout the season. I think the team needs a revamp and hot DC can do that. I like Rhoads and want him as the secondary coach still, but his secondary was also pretty bad this year. So based off his one year at Arkansas I don’t think he needs the promotion.
I believe in him as a secondary coach, I saw improvement with pulley, but that was the only defensive back I was proud of this year.
I think a new DC with a good background in the 3-4 brings some excitement, that Paul does not. There are many, even on this board that also aren’t pleased with the idea of Paul as the DC.
It would show to many the BB feels some heat and is willing to do what it takes to get the necessary changes made. Paul may end up as more of the same, seeing he was part of the problem this year which was a historically bad defense.

One of the options is for Bret to handle much of DC job. That would also require someone he trusts to do a lot of film review on opposition, someone he knows well, someone who has done that as a coordinator. Rhoads fits that. I also would like to see another hands on position coach added. That could be an outside linebacker coach or adding a safety coach with Rhoads coaching corners. I like having two secondary coaches. For sure, I want another position coach added. Heck, I’m not against adding two new defensive assistant coaches if NCAA goes to a 10th assistant.

Coach B taking on more of the defensive day to day would be a mistake IMHO given all the issues that are on his plate right now. Besides, given our lack of access who is to say he was not involved over the past two years anyway. He needs to address some of his recruiting processes and get the special teams play up to an acceptable level. Too much work to be done that starts and ends on his plate. I am ok with secondary coach being DC if so warranted as he has done it successfully and also was a head coach. I think adding more experience or a young up and comer (strong recruiter) would also be options. This staff needs less from top down and more from bottom up however they get there. I am looking to see the 2017 version of a Wilson Matthews or similar person to make sure the head coach’s message is being received all along the food chain.

Really not a fan of that idea. It would also be a very large mistake for BB if so. Seeing he has his first child on the way the last thing he needs is more responsibility as a HC on a warming seat who already has so much.
Not to mention, if it didn’t work he basically dug his own grave.

Whoever they hire, I hope he’s able to recruit like a madman.

Generally, coordinators aren’t your top recruiters.

Was not Robb Smith’s main position responsibility also the secondary? So, my thought with Rhoads is he cannot be blamed completely for the secondary’s play this past year. I’d rather think of his prior success as a DC than one year as a secondary coach if that’s the direction CBB decides to go. I understand the desire to hire an up-and-comer; I’m fine with that, too (although it doesn’t matter if I’m fine with it; CBB has yet to consult me on any hire! lol!). Whoever it is, it will be a successful hire if our defense sets the edge, makes tackles, covers well, doesn’t give up the big play, can stop the spread offense, etc., etc., etc.

He had his hands in on the safeties I believe. Other than that the secondary coach is the one who coaches the DBs, that is PR and what he was hired to do.

Oh, I wasn’t trying to say CPR wasn’t responsible for DBs, but thought if there were problems between the coaching styles of CRS and CPR that it could have affected the play of the secondary.

It might be possible that those preseason and early in the season injuries hurt us more than people think… Also, when the D-Line and Linebackers are having difficulties that might have a cascading effect on secondary as well. With this along with differing philosophies on how to attack these troubles, the next DC may look like a genius when things coalesce. Let’s all hope that is the case.

That is very true considering there was barely any pressure on the qb from our D line. I believe the corners showed improvement, but there’s no defending the safeties I just don’t think they are SEC caliber players, hopefully we will see some new faces there next year.
Most definitely will wish CPR the best if he is chosen as the DC, because I would never wish someone coaching my beloved team bad luck. I trust BB to make the right decision for the team regardless of what my opinion is. So whoever he gets I will see it as an upgrade. (I was not high on RS at all)
Woo pig

why bob diaco?..he was 11-26 as Connecticut’s head coach…i understand that he coached at Iowa earlier…but his record as a head coach doesn’t give me a lot of confidence as a coordinator in the sec…my 2 cents worth