Roast me if you want

I don’t understand the season ticket holders who don’t think ANY game the Hogs play should be unworthy of attendance.

I don’t care who we play I am addicted to attending every one of them

And I feel like I am supporting the program not just being entertained. I view it as a calling.


Like a “hog” calling? Sorry, I couldn’t resist, lol.

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You and me both, Scott. There were unfortunately enough times that my schedule didn’t permit attendance that season tickets became non-feasible, but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to be there. Then of course I moved 1100 miles away…

The arena is not equipped for the easy access to broadcast for TV! That was mentioned last year! I don’t care where the hogs play! If no TB is available my radio works pretty good.

Look if a guy on the internet named Pinto can use just a cell phone and a twitch account and stream a basketball game then how hard can access really be. It wasn’t fantastic, but it was no worse than some of the games I use to have to watch on my old TV back in the 70s when I only got 3 channels. Point is I still go to see it. The whole argument about access is BULLSHEEET!!

I believe its about the fact that ESPN and the SEC hold the rights to all the games and if they don’t want to do it, they will allow you to do it but I believe you got to bring in “their” trucks and equipment so its up to “their” standards or else its a no go.

Thats the price we pay for the SEC Network and SEC+


I’m glad that’s good enough for you, Army, but it’s not for me. Zimmerman grates on my nerves. I just hope KK plays well and we win.

I mean, I bought a Roku TV just to be able to watch most of this pathetic non con, while I could’ve watched damn near every St.John’s game on a Fox affiliate on regular TV. The SEC…it just means more…streaming…except when it doesn’t. Almost as ridiculous as SEC officiating…almost.

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If there’s a will…there’s a way. Right now for some reason there is no will. Probably an issue that HY should address.

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So, will someone be telling us the play by play on this forum or elsewhere? Even when I can’t watch, I like to read what’s happening as the game progresses. Even a score update would be better than nothing.

Got a radio ?

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Chuck is on the Razorback App.


ESPN Gamecast is carrying play by play with stats for women, so that’s good enough for me. Hope same tonight for the men’s game.

I’m not as sold on this version of Lady Razorbacks and dont want to do gamecast. No way Im going from Nashville to NLR for a game. Why not do a town a favor and put it in Pine Bluff, like the good old NC victory that Duds can tell you the play by play of if his brain did not get whacked for that kind of memory. Same for not getting a KAAY broadcast that Eddie wanted to keep so badly. Makes no sense and should be bought out equitably if Simmons folks truly dont want another sporting event. I have no clue about Barton Coliseum being resurectable, but Hot Springs could broadcast the game. Heck, put it in Fed EX and get some tournament type experience if there is just a need for an out of town and away from Fayetteville experience.

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