Roast me if you want

But I am sick to death of playing this game in LR every year with no way to watch it. And please don’t tell me to buy tickets to the game and go. I have to work on Saturdays. This game is concerning to me, especially after how awful we played in Tulsa last weekend. Hofstra is a capable team, and we never play well in LR after finals. How in the world do we continue to play a game in LR that only about 10k people will be able to see? Does any other top 25 program do that in this day and age? How can a venue, in the state’s capital city, not have the infrastructure to broadcast? Hell, we found a way to stream the Red White game from freaking Barnhill! It brings to mind what I said about playing Pine Bluff in War Memorial…we played a high school team in a museum. It’s ridiculous, and no one can change my mind. Rant over.


Is this the round of 64?

Jeremy, with a couple of cell phones and a twitch account you could put it out there. Its not about infrastructure. That’s just the canned excuse. I wish we really knew why they won’t broadcast. I have a hunch its because of legal contractual rights with the SEC but that’s just my hunch.

If you hear Muss on his radio show Monday night, he talked about how they love playing in North Little Rock because the fans get really into the game. He knows that the crowd is different than at Bud Walton (and he honestly might have been taking a shot at the fact that Bud Walton is only half full until SEC play starts).

Why do we still play there? The university seems to think it’s worth playing a game there to build goodwill with fans from the rest of the state, and they enjoy seeing a different home crowd with a different dynamic because it includes many fans that will get their only chance to watch them in person all year. At least that’s my opinion.

I agree, though, that we haven’t played well there for the most part. I hope this year will be different.

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I honestly don’t mind playing a game in LR…just find a way to broadcast it!

First, you have to remember that only an ESPN affiliate can televise or stream an SEC home game. The North Little Rock games are classified as home games for the Razorbacks. In the past, ARSN or Cox Sports would jump at the opportunity to show this game regionally. They can’t do that anymore.

With that said, the infrastructure is not in place to stream the at the quality expected of an SEC Network-Plus broadcast. It would take satellite and production trucks, and expensive cameras to make it happen, just like for games that are televised on networks. Arkansas chooses not to pay for those when it plays basketball and baseball games in North Little Rock. So unless a network picks up the game, this is the result.

If Simmons Bank Arena was wired and all RSN had to do was plug in some cords, these games would be streamed. It’s not that simple. Bud Walton Arena was wired at the tune of about $7 million when SEC Network launched, plus no telling how much more in upkeep in the years since. It is not realistic to expect Pulaski County to pay anything close to that to broadcast one game per year.

Again, these games could be streamed if Arkansas chose to do so. It has made the determination that the cost of renting the trucks and equipment is not worth showing this nonconference game.

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And that, to me, tells me it’s not worth it to play this game. Hofstra is not a pushover this season. If you are actually telling me that the university could stream this game, but chooses not to…well, there are many things that I could say, Matt, but I won’t. I’ll just sum it up in saying that it’s absolute BS!

Muss has no choice but to say he likes playing in North Little Rock…What else could he say?

If you are a power 5 school with a good basketball team, you should never play anywhere that it can’t be watched on tv or the internet. We might as start playing a game in Pine Bluff again also.

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Bud Walton is only half full because we are playing creampuffs. Look at the turnout in Tulsa…we had 75% of the crowd, but laid an egg. The fans will come out for a good matchup.

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What kind of events (outside of the Hogs) does the arena get? It seems strange a facility that size doesn’t have the ability to stream a game the rest of the year. There is a federal law against that… the First Amendment: All Hog Games Must Be On TV.

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How blessed are we the vast majority of the games are televised. Not a dig at ya Jeremy just saying how spoiled we are in general in all parts of life.

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Since it’s not on TV, I wish they would skip the media timeouts, but they won’t. :thinking:

No doubt about that, Richard, but even my dog is PO’d that we can’t watch the Hogs Saturday. He really gets into it. :joy:

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It is predominantly a concert venue. There are very few sporting events there anymore, from what I can tell. The high school basketball championships moved to Hot Springs and the UALR basketball teams moved to the on-campus Stephens Center.

I have been told by people who should know that Simmons Bank arena management wouldn’t be upset if they never had another sporting event there. Why they don’t like them, I have no idea. We had NCAA pod, once, and SEC women’s basketball, three times, and arena football, hockey and UALR disappeared. I’m not sure state high school tournaments were ever played there.

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If we must deign to schedule in state schools for hogs regular season games then I see absolutely no reason for central Arkansas to host any Razorback home games ever

Let’s just play UCA there. It won’t matter how bad we typically play in NLR after finals, there is no way UCA would ever beat us. Hofstra could if we don’t play better than we did in Tulsa.

And just to clarify. I got nothing against UALR. If they are going to be on our schedule then that’s great for the hogs to play in Little Rock, but not as a home game. Let’s play at ualr and let local tv pick up the game if ESPN doesn’t want it.

If I had my preference though let’s let Little Rock keep a hogs home game and let’s schedule some decent power conference competition in place of the in state schools on the Razorback schedule.

I like it. We will play one, only one, in state rival every year, in Little Rock. At Christmas time, And we will split ticket sales 50/50 since hogs have such charitable hearts that we will play UCA for the good of the state

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We had 75% of a crowd of 12,000