Road win worth 6 spots or so in RPI

Yeah, RPI is a lame metric, but they still use it. Jumped from around 40 to 34th at and Since Nolan’s site includes a delta line (how much the ranking changed today), it was 7 spots there, from 41st to 34th. We were 40th this morning on the NCAA RPI list, which is after all the one the committee actually uses. Then later scores dropped us to 35th at both live-rpi and Nolan. All of those roughly correspond to a 9 seed.

As of right now we are a solid Ncaat team projection. Lots of ball left but the 2 road Sec wins we have are big.

I think we will find our 3 sec losses so far are against 3 of the top teams in the league.

This was a schedule flipper.

Yep, Mississippi State isn’t a bad as some thought. They did like a typical team with a lot of young talent (with exception of the few bluebloods), which was drop some games early that they should have won, now they are starting to put things together. They are definitely in the top half of the SEC. We just need them to keep improving that RPI, so it doesn’t look like a bad loss come Selection Sunday.

we can realistically still get 2nd seed for sec tourney. I’d like to see when is the next game Vegas picks us to lose? south carolina? Florida? we will see.

Not Vegas, but Sagarin has us as a minimal dog (-0.1) at Vandy. Of course he had us a 1-point dog tonight. Also dogs as of now at SoCar, Florida and Okie Lite, which of course is NC. If we just lose those four games, that would be 23-8/12-6; beating Vandy would take that to 24-7/13-5. I would take that and run right now. But 13-5 isn’t going to get the 2 seed unless the Wallets go in the tank. The only games Florida is projected to lose are the two with the NBA All-Star team.

Moo U has crept up into the RPI 110s lately. They moved up two spots tonight even with the home loss to Kentucky, which again emphasizes how much of a strength of schedule thing RPI really is. Before they beat us they were outside the top 200. A few more spots and they will no longer be considered a bad loss.

Like I said, I’ll take 12-6 all day. I think this team is built for the right time of year. I like our chances anywhere. Florida and Kentucky got final four caliber athletes but if we develop a winner mentality then you already know what they say about March. Anything can happen.

It’s still possible, we only have 3 losses. And really only 2 games that you say will be very tough for us, and that’s @South Carolina and @Florida, but even in those games I would give us a chance, they aren’t like Kentucky they are beatable if you catch them on the right night.

With that said, we’re still going to lose some games we shouldn’t. And from what I’ve seen from our team and around the conference, I think we’re a 10-12 win team in conference this year, I look for us to finish anywhere from 4th-6th. And say we finish 6th with like a 10-8 record or something like that, it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t make the tournament. Because say we beat Ok State and finish non-conference 12-1, and go 10-8 in conference, that gives us 22 wins heading into SEC tournament. And barring any unforeseen “bad losses” winning a game in the SEC tournament and giving us a 23-9 record, that should be enough, assuming some of our quality wins end up finishing their season strong.

I agree. I was really down after the loss at home to Miss St, but I think at the end of the year they will finish in the top half of the SEC.

We just need to take care of business at BWA and find a way to win 3 or 4 more on the road. Hopefully, we will get a good draw in the Big Dance and make some noise.