Road-Win Formula

1.\tStay Calm – Five turnovers in the first 2.5 minutes of the ball game was due to nerves and being overexcited. Play mistakes free as possible, and let the game come to you.
2.\tRun the offense through Gafford as much as possible. He should get a touch and does not have to score every time. Try to score if you have something, pass the ball to an open man/or behind the 3-line. Guard drive towards the basket and look for available options: A) Throw over the top to Gafford for finish B) Score if you have open lane C) Draw fouls D) Pass to open shooters. Remember OM thrives on Helter-Skelter basketball and likes to speed it up too much. Be patient on offense; they end up fouling.
3.\tDefend as you did the last two games: A) Do not give up open threes B) Do not allow Burnett to drive inside C) Assign a defender to “dog” Davis; deny him the ball, play him tight to force him to pass the ball instead of drive and shoot. He has our number, near 30 each time. D) Do not give up the offensive board. They swarm the board for garbage pick-up. E) Every player should take upon themselves to improve your rebound numbers.
4.\tAvoid silly turnovers and fouls.
Wrap up - Again, remain calm and confident. Shoot the rock if you are open, and attack to score or draw fouls. Make use of Gafford at every opportunity. Do not give up too many threes.