Road is where they miss Moses,,Dusty and Manny

First, fans declaring that Mike was outcoached, either don’t have any concept of a road game or simply are opportunists to jump on the coach after every loss. When someone says Mike cannot win on the road, I can guess which one of that is true, given over the last three years, only Kentucky has a better SEC road record than the Hogs.

It is clear to me that they miss the three seniors from last year. And they will for at least four more road games. Gafford is not ready yet to give consistent 30 minutes like Mo. Last year between Dusty, Jaylen and Darryl, at least two were on. Now if either Jaylen or Darryl are off, Beard cannot and CJ is not ready to make up for Dusty. And defensively, Beard is not Manny. And more significantly, Moses contributed to team shooting 75% on FTs. And FT% is a key stat on the road, more than rebounds. It is very possible that last year, this MSU game would have been a tight win instead of a tight loss.

We were not out coached. We are just not that talented a team. Auburn was better than we were yesterday. We have two good senior guards, a talented young center, and a group of role players. When each of those 3 does not play well…we need some of the other guys like Beard and Bailey to play really well. Some nights it doesn’t happen, particularly on the road. If the SEC is as good or improved as the experts say…we are going to have our hands full finishing in the top 5-6 teams.

Our talent is fine. But basketball is a game of putting it through the hoop, especially from long range in the modern game, both college and NBA. Auburn made 11 treys yesterday. We made 4. You’re usually going to lose when the other team has a 21-point advantage from long range. We outrebounded Auburn, which nobody thought we would do, but we didn’t get to rebound enough of their behind-the-arc misses.

Good perspective.

I think in the joy and perhaps slight overconfidence in all of us when Barford and Macon came back, we forget those other pieces last season that were big down the stretch.

Any way to fix it with current personnel I wonder?

Seems we have to hope for some bench or youth development to fill in the holes in a year where the SEC is much improved.

I wonder how much Khalil would have helped