RJ Young's Top 25


If we get to 4-0, I’ll agree with him. If we get to 5-0, that ranking is way too low!

At any rate, it is great to see us ranked 11th by anyone right now!


I like his vision but maybe a little premature.


Rat poison


I just like being in the discussion again. Over the past 4 years the only mention of Razorback football came with snickers and comments about us not belonging in the SEC and crap like that.

We might not be #11, but at least we’re not #111. Win 7 or more games & CSP ought to be COY.

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After being laughed at under Left Lane, Hammerdown, Pop the clutch, ANY good publicity for our HOGS is great.

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Only the “Dawgs” & Bamar ahead of us, in SEC…

All you have to do is keep winning. If you are in the SEC, the winners are rewarded.


Don’t get a big head! That seems a little high. Play the next 3 games and let’s see what happens. 4-1 or 5-0.
Beat Georgia Southern and then worry about Texas A&M. Get to 4-0! The Georgia game just needs to be competitive and close. If the hogs have a chance on the 4th quarter I would be happy.

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IT ALL SOUNDS GOOD, but don’t lose focus.
One game at a time.

I love RJ and he’s always been a huge Pittman fan, but that ranking is probably premature. You can’t beat the exposure we’re getting right now (recruiting) and everyone is talking about how electric the environment was.

The true ranking seems to be dependent on the real quality of the shorthorns’ team. I tend to think we exploited a real weakness in Texas’ defense, something other teams will accomplish. We’ll have a great reading on our team after the next two games.

We also exploited an offensive weakness, getting pressure on Card with three linemen and few blitzes. We’ll see if Sark can get that fixed too.

Yes, Texas’ Total Offense was abysmal. I do think these Hogs have a salty defense right now. It was a total game win.

I really wish that all polls waited until October before releasing their rankings.

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Texas was so soft on both sides of the ball, did they hire Chad Morris? I swear we looked very much like that 2 years ago. I bet Saban was shaking his head on that Texas team.

Texas has been soft for years. It got Mack Brown run off, then Charlie Strong, then Tom Herman. Remember how we manhandled them in the bowl in Houston? Held them to 59 total yards - 2 rushing. Yes I said two yards rushing.

Maybe I should call them the Marshmallows instead of the Fallopians. Although the point is kinda the same.

And the great thing about that is that it wasn’t even the Horns’ worst rushing performance against us in a Bowl game…and we’ve only played them in two Bowl games.

In those two games, they average rushing for -14.5 yards per game.


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