RJ Hampton

The #5 recruit in the 2019 class and the #6 projected player in the 2020 NBA Draft just opted to play overseas instead of college.

He’s different from Mudiay and Ferguson and others. They signed overseas for fears they may not qualify academically for college ball. Hampton qualifies easily.

A statement from Hampton indicates that he believes playing a year professionally abroad will develop him better than going to college. I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for both the one and done rule and the college game as we know it?

I’m interested in seeing how this plays out. If he improves his standing in the draft will it be the blueprint for future athletes, or on the flip side, what happens if he falls in the draft? Will the NCAA then have more power?

What do you guys think?

Personally I’d like to see the baseball model used for both basketball and football.


I wish they would also do the baseball rule but I bet they never do. Pretty soon the one and done will be over, reports are by the 2022 draft. After that it will become the 2 and done or kids going overseas.

The good to come out of it may be teams staying together longer and leveling the playing field.

I feel there should be no rule. A person should be able to go and earn a living whenever they want to. We alll can do that. Why are we limiting athletes to some stupid baseball or football or basketball rules as to when they can begin to earn a living? If there are Doogie Howsers in Sports, let it be. Abolish these rules.

basketball is all relative. You don’t think the NCAA is over because the NBA is better. And when some great players never go to college, there will be some really, really good ones that want to get a college education and enjoy college as an 18 year old that will still opt for the college route. You want know the difference because the competition will be relative. The NBA is full of players that weren’t one and dones, or top 100 players.

I wouldn’t let Dr. Howser near my gall bladder until he had spent a good five years in the MD-league.


PJ is right again.

NCAA doesn’t make these rules, so WE are not doing anything. Each pro league makes its own, and the player union has to sign off on it through collective bargaining. NFL won’t take people for three years after high school. Baseball is either high school, 3 years or age 21. Hoops is one and done, for now. As I understand it, an NHL team can draft players while they are still playing in college and keeps their draft rights until 30 days after they leave college (which was a loophole the Celtics exploited to get Larry Bird; they drafted him in 1978 because he had been out of high school for four years and signed him before the 1979 draft. I bet that rule has been changed, although so few NBA-level people remain in college for four years any more it’s probably a moot point).

If the NFL thinks it’s in their best interest to take kids out of high school, they will (but they won’t; nobody is ready for the NFL at age 18, with the possible exception of Herschel Walker, who was a beast). Several players have taken the NFL to court about the age limit, notably Maurice Clarett; they lost. NBA seems to be ready to change, but it’s for their own reasons, not to benefit college basketball in any way.

To me, if I am the NBA I would like, in general, for players to be 20/21 before being forced to decide to draft them or not. I realize there are players that you know at 18 that they are all that, but many times when they draft an 18 or 19 year old that are just taking a gamble that in 3 or 4 years they will grow into men and be able to play. In the mean time they have to pay them, and pay them a lot. If they are in college (or playing overseas) the NBA isn’t have to pay them while they grow up.

You would think so, but the current discussions between the league and the NBPA are for drafting straight out of high school, not making it two-and-through.

Why do you think by “we”, I meant NCAA. I know the pro leagues make these rules. They are the ones who need to eliminate those rules.

Because “we” are not the pro leagues, unless your name is Jerry Jones.