RJ Glasper transferring (story)...

To Arkansas Tech, per Forrest City head coach Dwight Lofton: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … azorbacks/

Avery Benson may get a serious look from the staff.

Good for RJ. It was going to be tough for him coming off that injury to really compete at this level for playing time. He didn’t use any eligibility did he? I’m assuming this previous year would count as a medical redshirt right? Also, how did he manage to get eligible immediately? I thought even if you went down a division you would have to sit out a year.

He did a regular redshirt last year so he should still be a Freshman.

I don’t think you have to sit out if you go down in division. Football players used to transfer to Division 1-AA teams (FCS) all the time and be eligible immediately.

This makes sense. He was going to have a hard time playing with who they have on campus and who they were bringing in. He didn’t really stand out last August and then obviously had the shoulder issue.

He will probably do very well at Arkansas Tech.

If you transfer down, are good to go right away.

We’ll see what happens, but there has been a scholarship all along and this didn’t open up another so I’m not sure anything has changed in that respect unless he wanted to walk on.

I do like the kid and hope it works out for him.

Gabriel Osabuohien (6-8, 220) would probably be first in line from Southwest Christian to get an offer from Arkansas if one came