Rivals Updates BBall Rankings

Rivals released their final summer rankings. I’ve listed most all of the targets we’ve been involved with:

Nick Smith moved up 23 spots to #16
Kel’el Ware moved up 16 spots to #17
Malik Reneau moved up 28 spots to #24
Ernest Udeh, Jr. moved up 86 spots to #29
Jordan Walsh moved up 42 spots to #31
Anthony Black moved up 46 spots to #34
Kijani Wright moved down 29 spots to #46
Zuby Ejiofor moved up 11 spots to #47
Aidan Shaw moved down 1 spot to #57
Derrian Ford moved down 11 spots to #58
Austin Nunez moved down 4 spots to #69
Rylan Griffen moved down 10 spots to #70
Joseph Hunter didn’t move at #72
Colin Smith moved down 4 spots to #73
Chris Bunch moved up 44 spots to #81
Kye’ron Lindsay enters the rankings at #104
Joseph Pinion moved down 11 spots to #125
Barry Dunning moved down 15 spots to #131

Darn it! All three Arkansas commitments dropped. Hope ESPN and 247 move them up so that composite doesn’t move much

So stupid.

Still looks like five likely Razorbacks from that group. Ball players.

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Rivals is a joke! Ware is 17 on Rivals and 75 on ESPN. Walsh is 31 on Rivals and 10 on ESPN. Dunning is 131 on Rivals and 70 on ESPN. Nick Smith is 16 on Rivals and 35 on ESPN. Kijani Wright is 46 on Rivals and 16 on ESPN. I think the true judge of talent is Muss and the other coaches who see who fits best in their program and who is highest on their board. We worry too much about who is on the ratings charts.

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Why is Rivals a joke? Why not ESPN? Why not 247?

By the way, ESPN has not made their end of summer update. I bet you’ll see some more similarities to Rivals rankings after they do.

Of course, no service is going to get to be perfect. We’ve debated who’s the most accurate on this board recently, so I won’t go into it. Here’s the deal, though. Generally, the services group prospects pretty well. The more 5-star players, adjusted for tenure, you have, the more successful the program is. I’d even extend that to top 50 players. After that, there is less difference in players, and evaluation for fit and projection becomes more important. Of course, how the player develops, too. There will always be exceptions, but the rankings cover the norm well.

Lastly, rankings matter for program marketing value, too. The more highly ranked players you get, the more known your program is. Also, it can drive more highly ranked players to you. Kids pay attention to that.

Then, how has Kentucky done so poorly in recent years with so many high rated players? I think the best way to market your program is to win and that is exactly what Muss is doing, even though he has not had the big named 5 star players (or very few). We get too wrapped up in the star ratings and with the Transfer Portal the way it is we should be more interested in our total recruited players and our record as well as our tournament results.

The reason for Rivals to be a joke may be is that recruits coming to Arkansas are rated lower by Rivals than ESPN and recruits that turned us down are rated higher by Rivals than ESPN. LOL.

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