Rivals responds

to the profile and evaluation of the kid that wasn’t real.


despite a http://Rivals.com policy that no player ranking be given until the athlete could be evaluated in person.

I could be wrong but I highly doubt this.

They didn’t say that a Rivals employee has to evaluate the player in person.

I talked to a former rivals employee and he said vast majority. So I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Yeah that’s a load of crap, not buying it.
Just trying to save their own tail, and any more embarrassment they already have.

They don’t see half of the players in person, just do exactly what they did here and check to see who offered.

Overall I think they do a good job, but I also know how politics play a role in rankings.

Who was the kid and how high was he ranked?

People lobby services for better rankings. You can figure out who.

If you attend one of the camps or All American games you have a better chance of getting a bump.

I could go on, but those are pretty standard. I’m not big on kiss and tell.

He was ranked a 3 star, and he was totally fabricated. So their whole apology about his height and weight being inaccurate is a bunch of BS.

Manti Teo’s cousin. :smiley: