A lot has been said about our fielding, but how many runners have we left stranded? It’s gotta be pretty high. Glad we get some many runners on, but leaves some anxiety amongst fans

We had chances to get more than 1 run last inning. Now the 2 long balls by Bama & we’re in trouble all of a sudden. Hope Lee is on tonight.

That 3-1 pitch Grant hit was the pitch of the inning in my opinion. First out although it moved the runner from second to third.
From there the sacfly got us a run but no hits! That’s been the whole story for several games! Last night we left at least 7 on base! I think we will score some more runs but we need hits with runner on base.

The whole “men left on base” discussion has been going on for about 3 weeks now.


Arkansas has scored more runs than it has stranded runners this weekend. That has not been an issue in the first two games of this series. There have been a number of good swings with runners on base, including in scoring position.