Risky posting

Just curious but does our staff monitor the players social media posting for things that could potentially raise eyebrows?

I’ve noticed an increased amounts of posts showing sometimes very expensive items and sometimes a lot cash in the players possession.

It seems like when things like this get posted it could bring unwanted attention especially when some of the players posting I know did not come from the best situation financially. Maybe it doesn’t but it has caught my attention as of late.

Yes, but they can miss some stuff.

You know everyone’s financial situation? Way too many variables to factor in, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Didn’t say that I did.

I do however know personally one of the ones I’ve seen, and it is what raised my eyebrows. I am from the same town as one and close to a few others, who I do know people who know their families as well. Just afterwards I thought of the others that I had seen.

Just something that caught my eye.

Maybe it’s counterfeit? :smiley:

Maybe it was a picture back when he went on a recruiting visit to OM???

Haha that’s very possible.

It’s not smart to go around posting pics of wads of cash in your hands. Too many people watching.

Not a problem for me, I’ve got a wad of bank notes, though…

The football staff has suspended kids for things they have posted on social media.

They have pulled scholarships for recruits for things they have posted.

So yes, my guess is they know everything that goes on and react accordingly

Makes two of us.

Maybe share your concerns with all the players and families you know rather than posting about it in one of your first few posts on a public forum?

I asked a simple question to people who probably know about what I was asking.

It’s also not my place to tell someone how to handle their family just as it’s not yours to tell me what to post.

I figure I am old enough to decide what I want to type out, I appreciate your concern though.

Not telling you what to post. Just saying if you’re really concerned about the situation there are dozens of better ways to approach it. There is even a private message function to ask those same people the same questions, privately. I’ve used it, before and they answer.

It just seems sketchy. You’re posting out of both sides of your keyboard. You’re worried about some things you think our players are doing on social media so you point it out for all the world to see.

It’s not your business to tell these players and their families how to “handle their business” but you aren’t worried about implying wrongdoing on a public board before you have hit 10 posts on that board.

Do what you want. But, if you’re really a Hog fan and not a fan of some other team that joined the board a week ago and almost immediately started posting things like this, and you think posts like yours in this thread are helping anything, I disagree.

NP, I usually enjoy and agree with your posts on this board, but I personally think that the original post (if correct, as this board is the only social media that I dabble in) is a valid concern, has now been brought to the attention of some who can pass it on to higher authorities for corrective action if necessary, and can do no more harm than the items in question. Nothing personal, just my opinion.

No need to apologize. Reasonable minds can disagree. I guess I speak from experience.

Many years ago, shortly after Jermaine Brooks had been arrested and dismissed from the team, I saw him hanging out with players who were still on the team.

Given the nature of Brooks’ charges, I thought it was a big deal and the first thing I did was run to that era’s version of HI and basically posted something similar to the OP, here.

Clay and others let me know pretty quickly that I probably could have handled it better if my concern was with the kid and the team.

I remembered it and took it to heart.

I’m simply saying the same message could have been relayed to people in a position to address it without putting it on a public forum with thousands of readers.

That’s my only point–that and the fact that I am always a little cynical when breaking news is posted by someone who joined the site a few days ago.

But, hey, it’s out there, now, anyway, so I’m just gonna bow out of this thread. Thanks for your kind words, BRH.

That is exactly what my thinking of the matter was when posting.

NP made it out that I was accusing the kids of something which I was not, but in fact I was saying that these pictures pose a risk because it would be easy to make an allegation of wrong doing.

As RD noted it’s never smart to post wads of cash and very expensive items when you are a D1 athlete who are under a lot of surveillance.

Everyone sees things differently, people also get a little to sensitive over concerned posting intended to protect the players in the long run.

It’s also apparently not ok that I post this because it’s my 4th post or whatever. Ha.

Because little does he know I’ve been a part of this board for over a year, just recently had to redo my subscription and name etc.

I always get tickled when new posters are criticized for posting when they are new to the board. That is just silly. Posts should be taken seriously whether you know the poster or not, and whether it is the first post or the one thousandth post.