RIP Vince Dooley

One of the greats from college football. Sad news.

He was a legend. RIP

Dooley’s time at Georgia reminds me a lot of Arkansas under Broyles.

Of course, Broyles was 2-0 vs. Georgia while at Arkansas.

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When I lived in Atlanta, I used to drive over to Athens occasionally, to watch basketball games in the Steg. Always when the Hogs came to town, but one night I drove over to see the Dogs play LSU. Vince Dooley was still Georgia’s AD at the time. As I was leaving the arena after the game, I looked up, and there was Vince and Barbara Dooley just a few feet away from me. I extended my hand, and Vince graciously shook it and thanked me for supporting the Dogs. I could not have cared less about the dogs, but I will never forget shaking the great Vince Dooley’s hand.


Prayers for his family. A legend for sure.

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I lived in GA when we beat them 16-2 in the Sugar Bowl in '69. Happened to be in a restaurant a few weeks later and met Coach Dooley. Told him I was a Razorback and he was very gracious, and said “Ya’ll just had too much sooie pig for us”. He was one of the best.


Same here. And they had a similar Georgia dialect.

RIP to a Georgia legend.


Legend RIP Coach Dooley

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