RIP - Pat Gazzola (Owner of the Catfish Hole)

Saw elsewhere that Pat passed away Saturday following a period of bad health.

Never met the man, but both his restaurant and Hog fandom are/were legendary.

It’s true. Pat had suffered from complications following surgery several months ago. He was a genuinely good guy and a real Hog Fan.

Really sorry to hear this… My Condolences to his Family and Friends.

Prayers for his family. We were there last week. I was also fortunate to be there on a night recruits were there. Pat led everyone in a Hog Call.

So sad.

We lost a great Razorback family member. I will miss the Catfish Hole.

Pat Gazzola was the quintessential Hog Fan. Loyal. He will be missed. RIP Pat, hopefully we can put up a good season for you.

Great dude. Absolutely loved and adored his Razorbacks and the kids individually.

Don’t think that this necessarily means that the Catfish Hole is closing. I image that will be a family decision. Hope it stays around.

I’m sure the Catfish Hole will remain open. Pat’s wife, Janie, has been in the business with him.

That is good news!!

I don’t want this to sound the wrong way. Pat was important. But Janie is the one who made things go. She was there from open to close, especially the last 2-3 years when Pat’s health began to fail. I bet you don’t notice much change. Pat was the out-front man and worked the crowd. But Janie ran the crew. And, they always have great help. I’ve known some of the table staff. They took their cue from Janie.

Pat would sneak off with her in charge. He’d be at practice, football and basketball. And, he loved the media, as the media loved him. He would often sit with you and your family at dinner to ask questions if you came during a slow moment.

One of my favorite times was when I was at a Mexican place on a week night. Pat and Janie came in – at a Mexican place. He said, “Clay, I can’t eat catfish every night!” When I called for my check, it had already been paid – at someone else’s restaurant.

I remember him calling my phone when they were hiring a coach one time. I pretty much knew, but didn’t have the right kind of confirmation to go with the story. I have always wanted to have two sources before I typed something on-line or put something in the paper. You learn that when you don’t get that second source, there are times that the first source wasn’t right. So it’s imperative to get the second one.

This particular night, I had only one source. Pat called and we talked. I wouldn’t tell him who I had. He knew I had something. So he started giving me first and last initial to see if I would confirm it. We both started laughing. I told him, “Pat, it’s not going to work. You should know me better than that.” He said, “Clay, I do, but I still gotta try.”

Good stuff.