RIP, Marsh White

Marsh was a running back in the early 70’s, just after we accepted our first black player (Jon Richardson). He was a bigger back, more like the Roosevelt Leaks and Earl Campbell types Texas always threw at us. He was from Bonham Texas.

Looks like he went on to meaningful work before his recent passing. Here is a good bio of him. … =180697457

RIP, #32!

I remember Marsh back in the day. He was a tough runner.

Although I was a youngster, I remember Jon and Marsh, I believe both helped pave the way for more black athletes coming to AR.
RIP Mr White.

If I remember correctly, there was a pretty negative article out after he went to the NFL. Jets?

Something about how Broyles had misused him. Wanted him to be like Earl Campbell maybe? The coach implied they were smarter than Broyles and would use him correctly.

I always wondered if that caused any hard feelings. I don’t remember him being any part of later stories about the team.