RIP Mark Danielowics

The Obituary for Mark Danielowics is in today’s Demozette.

Some will remember him. He was a standout Lineman on Sylvan Hills’ 1981 State Championship Team. He played some for Lou Holtz’s teams.

There was another Lineman on that team that signed with UA. Anybody remember his name?

Robert Wilcoxen

I grew up in Sherwood and was a couple years behind that class of 1981.
That class seemed to have it all when it came to athletes and it was a good time being a Sylvan Hills Bear.
State Champions in Football and Baseball and also Very competitive in Basketball and Track.
The other player that signed with Arkansas from that team was Robert Wilcoxon.
Very sad to hear of Mark’s passing and send my regrets to his family and friends.

Sylvan Hills’ Randy Hindman was one of the best Wishbone QB’s of that era. He was the smallest guy on the field and nobody could catch him.

Yes, he certainly was a terrific athlete and competitor in multiple sports.
Very good baseball player that with his speed could turn a single into a double routinely.
Had the opportunity to play some softball with him and a bunch of other guys from Sylvan Hills while in college. Randy was a good dude.

Played against him, Wilcoxen and Hindman.

He was young. God bless his family.

I assume a heart attack-

Prayers for his family.

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