RIP Henry Aaron

I just saw it on TV. We have lost so many of the absolute greats within the past year.

He had just gotten the COVID vaccine within the past month (at age 86 he qualified). But first shot only, I think. I haven’t seen anything on cause of death.

Willie Mays is 89 now. Hope we don’t get the same news on him soon.

Hank did well after baseball. He had several car dealerships in the Atlanta area, actually I bought two cars from his company. He sold the franchises right before the 08 crash.

He was my favorite player, couldn’t wait for it to get dark here in Mississippi so I can pick up 750 WSB and listen to every game .I got to meet him a couple times over in Atlanta, super nice guy. very humble


Aaron also owns a restaurant holding company (755 Restaurant, which is the number of homers he hit) that currently owns 29 Atlanta-area restaurants (two Krispy Kreme, 27 Popeyes). Hammer did OK for himself after he hung up the cleats and bat.

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Live on Hammerin’ Hank. R I P

What an all time great baseball player but even a better man! He was always respectful and set a positive example for others to follow. RIP.

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The ball seemed to have different deeper sound and just rocketed off the bat when he connected really solid.
I think one the last players to come up thru the Negro Leagues.

RIP Hammering Hank -

His swing was a flip of the wrist. And, the ball just exploded.

I remember watching the night he broke the record. I was never a Braves fan (liked Milwalkee) for some reason (Can hear the youger folks saying, “What?”). I guess growing up listening to Harry and Jack precluded the Braves, but I was always a big fan of Henry (as was Jack, Harry, and Mike).

A great baseball player and it seems, a great man. RIP

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