RIP Don Williams...

The Gentle Giant has left us.

A real loss.

It was not one of his biggest hits but I always loved “Old Coyote Town.” I’ll bet every one of us has known a town like that and the mental images the song creates are very vivid…to me one of the true marks of a great song–it takes you somewhere or causes you to recall an emotion you once had. Plus it makes me think of my dad. I am about to pull it up and listen to it right now.

Surely an all-time great…he will be missed here in Nashville.

Seems like all the good ones in country music are leaving us, sure makes me feel old.

My dad had Don Williams perform an event a couple of years ago. He said he didn’t look good, but sounded great once he was on stage. “Tulsa Time” has long been a favorite of mine.

I got tickets for what was supposed to be his last concert in Memphis a few years back. He didn’t stay retired very long. I enjoyed every minute of it even though he had a cold. As someone else said, he was on the radio many times when I was riding around with my Dad. When I hear his music it always takes me back to riding around with my dad on the dirt roads near Wilson Arkansas. RIP sir.

My mother and dad played his music all the time. Double tragedy today. Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry was killed in a helicopter crash this afternoon.

What a smooth singer he was.