RIP Denny Crum

Good coach. Glad we got to play a great one in in 1981.

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We actually played his UL teams six times: 79, 81, 83, 89, 96, 97. First four were NCAAT, then home and home the last two. Won three of the six. He won his only game at BWA though…

One of the all-time greats… always had great respect for his teams…RIP Denny.

Splitting with him is very strong. I remember the first one. The game before the heartbreaking Indiana St loss.

I actually was at three of the six: 81, 83 in Knoxville and 89 in Indianapolis. We were 1-2 in those.

But I bet ‘81 was worth it!

All three were worth it actually. Love going to the Dance. I hung around for the regional final in 83 which was the first UL-UK meeting in like forever.

Unfortunately, that is the only one I saw in person.

UCLA regretted forever not getting him back to Westwood to succeed the Wizard.