RIP Charles Clay

Not sure if this has already been reported. Charles Clay who played for Arkansas under Lou Holtz as #84, passed away at age 60 early this week. He worked as a software analyst for 25 years for the same company I worked for. He was part of the historic 78 Orange Bowl.

Great player- tough as nails TE

I recall he was called “a gentle giant”.

So sorry to hear that. 60 is way to young to pass.

Tough as nails deserves an explanation. He lost a bunch of teeth against Baylor. He was spitting blood (and teeth) on the sideline. Dean Weber was cleaning him up. Charles said, “I’m hurt.” Dean replied, “Yes, you are hurt, but not injured. We’ll fix your teeth Monday. But right now, you can go back in the game.” Charles spit out some more blood and grabbed his helmet and ran back into the huddle. I think he might have made two or three more big plays in the game.