Right Tackle

Insiders, whats going on with this spot? Do we not have anyone that can challenge or rotate every other series for this position, I always pull for the instate kid, but I just don’t think the young man is all the way ready to start…

I think Jalen Merrick will get more of a look there this week. He was pushing for playing time until he suffered a concussion late in the preseason.

Sounds like a winner, I just read also they might put Rogers at guard and move Jake to RT…

Sounds like Merrick and maybe Brian Wallace will get a look at RT this week. Zach Rogers could also play some RG, freeing up Raulerson to move to RT. I think it’s clear they feel like, given Jackson’s issues, they need to see some different options before heading back to the Metroplex to play Texas A&M.

As good as TCU’s defensive ends are, A&M’s are better. Then there is Alabama and LSU, etc. We got to get the right man at right tackle and settled in real quick.

I’m disappointed at the piling-on on Colton. Remember, we’ve won two straight games to open the season. Surely, he’s learning. If there was ever a chance to show that he’s learned quickly it’s this coming weekend. He’s still just a redshirt frosh, but I say the wins matter. I was impressed with his spirit since he stopped the interception from being a TD. The guy has what matters, the it. He’s just learning…against two pretty solid teams thus far.

I don’t know that I’d call it piling on. He struggled the other night, plain and simple. He struggled in fall camp. Pass protection is a big issue for him, which is I think why Bielema made a point to emphasize they weren’t set on the line from the first two games being the one all year.

I do agree with you that I think some people lose sight of the fact he’s a redshirt freshman. That’s still so young for an offensive lineman. I’m not incredibly high on him but I do think that it’s far too early to write him off as a bust. That would be foolish. But there are clear issue they have to get fixed at RT, whether its him getting better or finding someone else.

Simply because a redshirt freshman starts some games does not mean he will remain the starter.

And if he is demoted, it doesn’t mean he was “overrated” or “a bust.”

He was talented enough to get a very early shot. His getting that shot might have motivated his elders to get a move on.

I felt all along that the coaches took awfully long to decide on a starting 5. Not to criticize. Clearly, no one stepped up to take the job. If Colton can get it going…great. But clearly something has to happen quickly. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Merrick get a real shot. I say this only because they seemed really high on him til he got dinged.

The key thing to remember is that others struggled when given a chance, too. Brian Wallace was given a chance three times at three spots. He didn’t perform. Jalen Merrick was good at times, but also missed blocks. Concussion caused him to miss time. I do want to see him again. Raulerson is a good player, but a better guard than tackle. Not sure Zack Rodgers is the answer but I am interested to see him at guard.

Best thing that can happen is a quick start so they can look at other options. Let the tinkering begin.

I think that Colton’s raw talent is more than enough reason to work the young man in these early games. I have never seen a 300 lbs man that was that fast. I’m sure that with intensive grooming, Colton will develop into a stellar O-lineman. However, that time does not seem to be now. The whole affair seems to point at some questionable choices made in recruiting by our former O-line coach. There should have been a Rt tackle ready to slot in. And it’s not like we don’t have numbers. If it were mine, I’d go Ragnow at center, Rogers at guard and Raulerson at tackle. And I’d quit fooling with it.

Not an Oline coach nor do I even play one on tv so this is just a question. I do know that Center is a crucial spot because of protection calls, but what are the chances we would be better with Ragnow at right tackle and either Raulerson or Rodgers at Center?