Right now it's looking like

around 70 prospects visiting Saturday. As noted earlier here viewtopic.php?f=5&t=24908&p=182182&hili … on#p182182 some will be visiting on Sunday.

Richard I have never seen this type of effort from one of our staffs before getting this many talented kids of campus this early. How many commitments do you expect the hogs to have by 1 April?

Too hard to say. They’re in good shape with quite a few kids but hard to know when they might pull the trigger.

Only makes sense they would get commitments at a higher clip for the 2020 class because they’ve been working on several of the kids for months to more than a year.

Your right about how long they’ve been working on this class. I hope the twins jump on board, along with French and Crawford fairly soon. I hope they are able to at least match the number of 4 stars in this class as what they had last year.
The train needs to start moving.

I agree Army and think the train will get moving soon with a bunch of 2020 diamonds on board with it! The number of kids and the talent level coming in this weekend is UNREAL and shows you just how hard this staff truly works at recruiting and building relationships. I would not be surprised if we surpassed 2019 4 stars in this class.