Right now Arkansas

Is expecting to sign 24 in football. Focused on the DL & defensive backfield.

So, 10 more?

Of which we have one DB commit, we better get busy.

There probably will one transfer counted with this class, will there be 24 without the transfer?

My understanding is 24 total including anyone on campus now counting towards the 20 class.

DL and DBs isn’t breaking news but obviously that’s the greatest need as far as numbers in this class.

Richard it’s not like we are going to add 9 more DLs and DBs…

Eason, Turner and Hayes will be part of that 9?

I didn’t say that. I’m saying the biggest amount of spots will be filled by DL and DBs.

We’re only taking one DT, I guess if you consider Wallace a DE, then I don’t see anyone else. Thomas is the choice at DT, but he’s not announcing until the AA game, which means even if he has told you he’s coming, he isn’t signing in Dec. I don’t think we can get caught without a DT in this class.

Don’t see Wallace as a DE. Guess he might grow into one but I count him as a OLB.

I wouldn’t say just one DT just yet.